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I appreciate when contacts tell me their stories, but don’t kid yourself that I can help you from this disadvantaged position I am in. I can log/ archive your messages but that is about it. If your case (legal or otherwise) relates to my case, I will be more interested. I have identified myself as an Ultra (monarch, milab, generational mk slave, anti christ cast off, bloodliner anti hero…) programmed and mind wiped as a CHILD in the 60’s. I was born in ’62. I grew up in Ontario. I was born in Quebec. My parents were both mk victims at the Allan Memorial in Montreal in the 50’s and 60’s.

MK Ultra Girl

Remember that am an artist/ entrepreneur on hiatus so I can work on a media campaign to WIN the case that I am involved in now. I stopped doing business to business (I sold over 1/4 million dollars of photographic art in the last 15 years) so I could work on this and root myself. I went to my community and got help to sort my relationship with the guv/doctors/social workers so I could get as much help as possible. I needed to sort my taxes- done, get on temporary disability so I can have a modest income while I work on MY case– done, get part time work so I can still be active- done.

For me, both spiritually and socially, going public has been THE BEST THING. I try to do things well since I am an artist but blurting things out is also part of this process. I will no doubt offend people. I don’t give a rat’s ass at this point.

My best advise to others who are coming out of their own fog is to consider what I have done and either emulate it or take what works for you and discard the rest. If you want to start a lawsuit, then gather people, places and things and start working on it. Persistence is key. Remember I started this blog 14 years ago. 14 YEARS!!!! Remember that I was a top selling advertising executive. I could not do any of this work if I did not have that training. Only a small percentage of people will go the extra mile to get the win (sale). And I did all that without realizing that I was a programmed monarch multiple. It doesn’t matter. If you repent and go forward with the full armour of God, you will be OK. You may not thrive in the materialistic sense, but you will have enuf.

I have barrel rolled my way through the densest of MK fogs/ torture/ despair/ trauma/ abuse and I am still alive. This is not a contest for who has the most intense MK story but if it were I WIN!

Some people believe me, some people like me, some people support me, some people pray for me, some people encourage me. Some people pay attention to my work and know that I have organized an usurpation and a reorganization of the deep state years ago without any of the nonsense promoted through the lost tribes. (economic reval, depopulation, ascension, alien intervention… etc.. on and on). I am not going to rewrite it or link it up for you like some kindergarten teacher. It is all here on my blog. On my vids. On my interviews.

What I have done has worked for me. So far. Knowing what I know of people, having 1000’s of clients, doing 1000’s of business deals over the years, I believe that not many people are actually cut out for this work. Don’t ever forget that this is NOT a LARP, when all cards are on the table, what is left? Do you still need someone to tell you what to do?

Ellen Atkin

MK Ultra Girl