Yoga Dance Party at Sun Lotus

A fun, energetic, fully facilitated, free form conscious dance party, set to heart opening, deeply inspiring dance and chant music. 

  • Activates every cell, rejuvenating body and mind.
  • Clears stagnate energy and raises your vibration.
  • Support awakening to a higher consciousness. 
  • Brings instant insight, vitality, peace and bliss. 

  • Enthusiastic dance music allows you to open your body to innate love by raising Shakti energy, clearing negativity and awakening higher consciousness. Perfect for celebrating life’s great moments. 

    Are you planning a party? Make it a Yoga Dance Party. Sun Lotus accommodates all traditional gatherings in conjunction with the Yoga Dance Party

    $111.11 for 111 minutes of guided pure bliss for up to 7 people
    Accommodation and meals are always an option at Sun Lotus Guest House

    call 250 709-9010
    or   250 710-7955

    Hosted by Anita Rafidi

    A sacred space on idyllic acreage in the heart of the Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island, BC

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    3 thoughts on “Yoga Dance Party at Sun Lotus”

    1. Honestly, I have done a few of these yoga dance parties with Anita at Sun Lotus and they are just an incredible fun time. I absolutely love doing them. They are so much fun.

    2. I have done yoga, and I have danced, but never simultaneously before this. Anita creates a beautiful environment, and her playlist of yoga hiphop music is both dynamic and deeply relaxing. It was a great two-hour workout and left me blissed out for hours afterwards. It also seems to have cleared my sinuses (: I highly recommend this, and Anita, and Sun Lotus to everyone —

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