Will the Real SAAGA Class Action Please Stand Up

Survivors Allied Against Government Abuse Lawsuit

Why does it appear there are 2 lawsuits surrounding the case of remaining survivors and families of survivors around the infamous MK Ultra brainwashing and mind control experiments done at The Allan Memorial Institute at McGill University in Montreal Canada? Because there are.

The lawsuit that I recommend joining if you or your family were victims of Dr. Ewan Cameron and “the Montreal Experiments” at the Allan Memorial Institute at McGill University is:    SAAGA.info



Represented by Consumer Law Group

Short story is, there was a division in the original group that formed at the end of 2017. Many were not pleased with having Alan Stein represent the case. I was on board with that camp from day one. You can read my backstory here: MK Ultra Girl vs. Resolve

Some of my objections were:

  • Alan Stein is 83 years old.
  • He wanted $500, non refundable from every family to proceed.
  • His timeline, tactics and expertise were questionable.

Apparently others felt the same way because another firm, Consumer Law Group, is:

  • Willing to do the work on contingency, requiring no money from the victims to proceed.
  • Filing a class action suit rather than a direct action suit.
  • Aiding in evidence gathering.
  • Expanding the parties to sue.
  • Seeking experts to refute the findings of “the Cooper Report”

So, after 8 months of Stein, not filing the case, Consumer Law Group presented a good body of documents and filed.

Apparently, immediately afterward, Stein and his remaining loyalists, filed a direct action suit, practically cutting and pasting the work of Consumer Law Group.

I don’t know how this will muddy the waters for the case, but I was relieved beyond measure that Consumer Law Group, a fresh group of competent, intelligent and confident lawyers actually filed the only CLASS ACTION lawsuit for SAAGA (Survivors Allied Against Government Abuse).

Apparently both groups are still using the same name SAAGA but only one group is actually filing a class action lawsuit and that is NOT the group that took out the domain name saagaclassaction.com and created a website advertising their DIRECT ACTION lawsuit.

Go figure.


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