What the Hell is going on in Heaven? – The blood type to gang stalking connection.

How? Why? Who?.. please God… help me, help us all. Spare us the death rattles of the body politic, spouting all many of diversions that bear no relevance on the truth of our situation. Truth? You can’t handle the truth! ahhahahaha… Well I can and millions like me can too. And it ain’t another thoughtful analysis of alien hybrid inter-dimensional war games.

Whilst the lawmakers, breakers and takers preach a false value system based on subjugation and lies to the masses, a good portion of whom eat it up like they have some hope if they just play along a bit more, there are a million or more people (in US alone) who are fighting for their lives on a daily basis right here in North America. And it ain’t because there are no jobs.

They are fighting against targeting and gang stalking by a well oiled machine that the average Joe can not comprehend unless they suspend their inculcated, shit eating, mildly suppressed roiling angst masquerading as ambition or care or worthiness.

Or maybe you are benefiting already from this very black market economy. Because that is what it is. People are getting paid with YOUR hard earned money to destroy the lives of good people everywhere. And they want you to believe that there is something to fix here other than this very real, very big and very hidden problem. The economy is not the problem. Money has nothing to do with it. It is an intention, an ideology, a forced imposition of beliefs.

Do the lies perped on you over the centuries not give you a clue? This is bigger than Trump, Putin and Trudeau combined.
Oh right, I forgot, I am cray cray… So you can just dismiss me and look the other way. Hey I have an idea, lets let another political movement, sitting in nice houses with salaries, investments and cash tell us how I should present my case. They might even ask me for donations to help them help me. Get it?

By now, you all know that I am a survivor/ revivor of the MKUltra mind programme. It is me in the picture that has circulated around the net for at least 10 years used over 1000 times in blogs and movies and presentations about this programme as though it is over, in the past.

By now, you all know that my mother went through the sleep therapy programme in Montreal at the Allen Memorial Hospital. You have seen her too many times in video and still images. She also has a starring role in this wonderful drama. So far I have seen her in the Movie: State of Mind: Psychology of Control – 2013, Push – 2007 and The Mental Hospital – 1953. She is lying on a stretcher in a pretty dress she probably made herself, (she was a seamstress), getting electroshocked by a team of nurses and Ewen Cameron himself.

By now, you all know that my sister Ruth began exhibiting unleashed psychosis and violence on her friends and family in the mid ’70’s in Whitevale Ontario. She spent 5 years in a hell only those who have experienced can know going from psychiatrist to psyche ward to group home to jail cell to family who could not deal with her until finally she committed murder, was charged and found not guilty by reason of insanity and put away in a locked ward at the St. Thomas mental institute near London, Ontario under what is known as a leftenant general governors warrant.

By now, you all know that my younger brother Michael drowned in a canoeing accident in Port Carling, Ontario in 1985 when he was 19 yrs old. Shhhhh…. don’t talk, don’t tell or this might happen to you. Play along with that hole in your heart, you will get over it and fit it. (same thing happened to the Trudeau boys. One of my informants told me there are several researchers who suspect that young Michel Trudeau was murdered. He was almost killed in a highway accident a year before, as well.)

By now, you all know that my father had mental health issues, was put in a psyche ward in his late teems with a “nervous breakdown” after his first two weeks at St. Peter’s seminary in London Ontario.  His mystery rehabilitation included getting his MA at western university through the ’50’s and landing his first teaching job at the College Millitaire in St. Jean Sur Richelieu in Quebec, even though he was not in the military and no one in my family was. Rumours of other hospital stays filtered in but my father was 100% tight lipped on those matters.

Rumours of my mother and father having met at a psyche ward in a mental hospital have come forth since I launched this public investigation in 2013. Denials and lots of handling by all sides of the family have emerged as well. Let us not forget the steady stream of survivors who are programmed to take each other out by discrediting and obfuscating the truth.

My first interview in Jan 2014 since my discovery of MkUltra Grrrl photograph, on the Oppositional Defiant Disorder radio show on Wolf Spirit Radio hosted by Laura Cross, broke a certain barrier. People contacted me with bizarre waking up out of a trance stories of torture and abuse they suffered by still living, doctors, psychiatrists and politicians. They had forgotten too.

Do you see now? Do you get it? Maybe you weren’t abused and tortured but you are definitely in a trance about what is actually going on here. Not in some isolated layer of life, but woven into the very fabric of your reality. As long as the sub class of vics remains as such, the powers that entrench the means continue to fulfill the agenda, spoon feeding you all the way.

The big lie revolves around blood type. The 15% of negative blood types in the world are the primary targets of this mk, targeting, gang stalking programme. Not exclusively, but largely that is what is behind it. Why? Negative bloods, blue bloods, copper based, minus the rhesus monkey gene are more closely connected to God, you might say. Or Lucifer, or the fallen angles. It doesn’t really matter at this point because the God most people worship through church is actually the devil.

Why do the royals claim such blood types yet there are many of us who are of this blood type yet have no such standing in society, in fact, we are blackballed and discredited at every turn?

I and others are putting the pieces together. The negative bloods have super powers. They are more intelligent, more creative, they can do paranormal things quite easily, they innately understand science and what Santos Bonacci has termed Synchronism, the inter connectedness of all things.

Positive blood types, not so much. They go along like empty husks. They are used by the fallen angel negative blood types, of which you can stuff the dubious term “the cabal” or “the Illuminati” into. As long as the positive blood types keep buying the lie that the fallen negative bloods uphold (global earth, moon landing, man comes from apes.. on an on) the OTHER negative blood types who are NOT here to deceive but to enlighten and SAVE your sorry asses are hounded and discredited.

It is not political. It is not about money. It is about escaping this matrix of lies through conscious communication with creator, not the false God that most Christians believe in.

So please start learning about blood types and listening to the negative blood types. They are telling the truth and have been put here to save your asses. Now for the love of God start supported us! You positives only have another generation before your children are all hopeless anyway. Another recycling box at the end of the driveway isn’t enough effort.

In the meantime, good people and families are torn apart and destroyed everyday by people committing crimes against humanity sanctioned by the state.

By the power invested in me and through the divine will of the creator, you are all put on notice.

Ellen Atkin
aka MKUltra Girl
negative blood type
Heir of Creation
7th level old priest/ warrior

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2 thoughts on “What the Hell is going on in Heaven? – The blood type to gang stalking connection.”

  1. WONDERFUL! Girrrl!!! Epic rant and beautifully written. Gon'Spit dem trut, sistren! Bout damn time someone said it with such conviction, too. We have all been so very…afraid… but that is where they want us, eh? Time Come, though, yes indeedy. Thank you for this most excellent read!

    PS. I had a much longer comment here, but I figured it best to send it privately. My email is different than my name, so I hope it gets past your spam folder! I'll put Djenna Tribesoon in the subject line. Bless up!

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