Welcome & Herald a New Front

My fellow… hahaha. oh I have been it all over the millenia of my incarnations. This one is the most important just like with all of you.

Many people have stood in my light, in front of my light, behind my light and below my light. Some of it pisses me off, but for the most part, it is life acting as it does when people without full awareness of their tru selves cleave to the matrix. Not tricky anymore.

Ultra GRRL is the real El in Stranger Things

My plans are coming along well. The transfer of my aerial photography business and the inception of my art photography business was neccessary to continue this mission. It took 8 months and it is not finished yet. I am still laying the foundations, but they are out of the box now. So, I am pleased. Thanks to Reach Out Communications for the great web site work and taking care of the onerous details that I find maddening.

The art stores are nesseccary so that I may have something to promote while I change the course of history with your help. Plus, I have put 40 years into these crafts, so I don’t want to throw them out now just because I am going to dissolve the falsities of our perceptions and drown the fires with the waves.

I have relocated to the southern base camp in Mexico to continue operations without the constant threat of scarcity amid abundance that thrives in the north.

Appropriately, I found this article today that does a great job of describing my mission. I translated this paragraph here using a machine.

However, the debate about whether this secret project is true or another theory of conspiracy is still open, and there are those who say that it still remains active, and that they control several famous influentials: actors, musicians, sports stars and TV. We can not answer these questions, but a time ago, a picture of a girl, Ellen Atkin, has now been turning around the internet, a woman made and right, who says she was one of the ones that passed on the experiments of the United States Government. Disturbing statements gave a Canadian radio in which he calls a “liberation” in mass on behalf of all; this means that ABSOLUTING ALL we are mentally controlled in some way, and the only way to free ourselves is altering our reality, because we live in a kind of “Matrix” or “Virtual Reality”. Will it be like that?

All Shall Be Revealed.

Thank you

Ellen Atkin

Ultra GRRL

MKUltra Girl

Badassador and Bombassador for Ultra Nation

Your support is needed more than ever now. Although I paid almost 2,000 of my own money to get this portion of the change over up and running, the final leg still needs support. UltraNationMedia.com needs your help to launch. My money has run out and the current donations are coming in at $250/ month. That doesn’t cover much, even in Mexico. Let’s get the monthly targets up to $1,000/ month so the internet security guy and the web girl can get paid and the base camp can hold on for another 6 months. Thanks. Ultra Grrl.

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