Walk With Us

Meet us at the doorstep of the

Allan Memorial Institute,

McGill University Campus,

Montreal, Canada.

Friday, Sept. 18th,

11am to 2pm


2.5 hours of Speakers at the Allan Memorial Institute
1/2 hour walk through McGill University Campus
Disbursing at Roddick Gates on Sherbrooke St


Be part of the Documentary Film

Your Support Goes to Travel Expenses 
for Guest Speakers including Survivor Lana Ponting




Following up on rally #1 on October 6th 2019, Montreal Experiments Class Action Members continue to bring public awareness to our case.

Without your support we may be relegated to the dustbin of history. We know that public outrage is what moves the entrenched establishment to act.

We are correcting history by adding our voices to the narrative concerning the ever growing exposure of the dark deeds and secret groups behind Dr. Ewen Cameron.

How can survivors and their progeny be left out? We will not be suppressed any longer.