Ultra Action Plan (Reverse MK)

Figuring this out is helpful.
Connecting with others (who don’t try to discredit or destroy you) is helpful.
Knowing yourself is helpful. (the best resource for that I found was a Shepard Hoodwin Michael Reading)

How we imagine we know ourselves is really more like bouncing off walls of Kultra distopia.

Part of secret knowledge to control people is to not let people know how to know themselves or control the whole thing through disinfo programmes (new age, religion etc.)

Knowing your family history and genealogy is helpful. In many cases, it is a connection to a secret society through one or more of these organizations: Freemasonry, the military, the church, the education system, the medical system, the legal system, the political system. I would leave business out of it because, it is the one control area where one has the most leverage to perform workarounds against forming allegiances in order to thrive (even then it isn’t easy, but it is possible).

Knowing your bloodtype: As inscrutable as this topic is, there does seem to be a co relation btwn negative bloodtypes and targeting by the cult. From my limited research it appears to be the bloodline of Jesus or the nephelim (children of the gods/fallen/annunaki/aliens mixed with their human creation (Adam) which is a mix of fallen essence (the lightening bolt/ thor’s hammer/ electricity/ phosphorus) mixed with neanderthal/ape/ RNA/ star stuff? Or both.
Heady stuff.

There are lots of groups formed at all different levels. 3 basic subheadings are:

Targeted/ gangstalked individuals: (mobbing, radiation burns, DEW hits, street theatre, black helicopters, etc.)
Ultras: (children used in any of the programmes for stealing, copying and riding frequencies to control time)
Satanic Ritual Abuse: Cult scum, stupid people thinking they are getting a one up on the rest of society by destroying their souls and their kids’ souls.
They all basically mesh, but the TI is the most surface, prevalent symptom of the Programme.

In My Opinion.

In 2015, I discovered myself in this famous photo and launched a media campaign. I kept investigating my family history. My mother and father were both patients of Dr. Ewan Cameron. Me, my brother and my sister were deeply affected in a negative way and as it appears entered into another offshoot of “the programme”. My brother didn’t survive and my sister went clinically insane. I created and encouraged media around exposing MK Ultra torture programs. I joined a group that wanted to sue the perps involved in “the Montreal Experiments”. We steadied our goal and found a good legal team willing to take the case on contingency.

I have reversed a lot of the mk in myself, which is reversing the blocks/ implants/ demon possessions; breaking down the amnesiac walls; working directly with the other creative force for good (God), etc., by stopping all my ideas except my basic human right to exist.

Then I took it back to the system.
I confronted the medical professions and the legal professions (still needs lots of work), certain levels of government (still developing) and most fully, the media (the internet and its offshoots).

Then I just got about my business. And watch it all unravel behind me.

More or less. I have a huge list of things I want to do to help, etc, but I am miles ahead of the usual TI because we have a lawsuit already in progress here in Canada.

It is a class action against the US Government, the Canadian Federal Government, the MUHC and the Royal Victoria Hospital. All are agents exposed in documents obtained through John Marks FOIA requests in the 70s. Now coined as “the Montreal Experiments”.

At this point, before the case is resolved, I can only suggest to follow the formula we did.
Find a lead (use John Marks, The Black Vault, The Church Committee, Bill Clinton’s apology as an example).
Find others in your control group (one class action for all of the above groups is too much to handle) and organize.
Make a shit storm of protest through the media.
Rinse repeat, gather evidence, testimony, etc..

Petition to release deep state records, DUMBs records, hospital, military records, etc.
Get what is available now through applications (military records, medical, whatever they release, get them or try to get them).

Keep pushing in.
Eventually they will have no room.

It is already happening but there is still lots of time for them to do more damage and they will until their final hour. They will try to create more temporal distortions to escape justice (those are created using the present & future slave colonies of harvested soul energy (where you can imagine a Matrix like clone army of helpless victims trapped in cryotank/ tubes/ bubbles, both captured and bred for) in places like the DUMBS, Antartica with connecting underground networks using old inner earth routes and new military tunnels to pop up locals like isolated islands in any ocean (Indonesia is big).

Find a good legal team.
Once our case is won, then they will see it for the gold mine it is.

Tell people about Ultra GRRRL, MKUltra Girl, Ellen Atkin.

That is how I did it and I feel I have been successful. I am now going into public service.

#RoutOutTheCult It starts at home