Ultra Nation Stations Founding

Ultra Nation Foundation Purpose
  • To reveal and reverse all instances of MK Ultra programming in our culture.
  • To support victims of abuse past & present
  • To commiserate, heal, collaborate, gather evidence (testimony is evidence) and form law suits.
  • To provide space to organize and share evidence of abuse pertaining to location, institution and whatever other common thread to unite a case.
  • To provide a go to, real time reporting media hub for socio political analysis that is filtered through the mk reversal lens.
  • To offer free web pages for survivors so that their content can be part of the historical record and copyright protected in their names.  (An alternative to giving away content to social media giants)
  • To have robust and organized fundraising & survivor financial enabling mechanisms.
  • To provide a moderated forum.
  • To have on going awareness campaigns to attract funds, influence media, and effect public policy.
  • To provide avenues for healing and recovery through online material, therapy databases and any other means.
  • To create and/or correct communities where survivors can correct their standing in the commercial world and fend off the deep state.
  • To provide the whistle blower/ public informant/ experiencer/ testimony giver a copyright protected platform.
  • To respond to inquiries as more and more survivors wake up.
  • To provide privacy, media and content policies.
  • To make real time and place healing centres.
  • To plan and execute protests, rallies, media, virtual conferences & events.
  • To maintain and attract users online to Ultra Nation Media/ Foundation; Not 3rd party platforms (FB, twitter, YouTube, ect.) except to promote and draw people to the main site.
  • To gather support on an ongoing basis.
  • To provide ministry, religious/ spiritual and devotional support.
  • To correct mis/disinformation regarding MK ultra and survivor truth.
  • To revise the medical and mental health industry’s omissions of the “Montreal Experiments”, mkultra, satanic ritual abuse, project paperclip and cult influence on their foundational premises.
  • To inform the medical and mental health industries of revisionist and corrective public policy measures.
  • To bring open all instances of the Canadian & connected Governments’ involvement in MK Ultra style torture and trauma programs administered through the military, medical, education & religious systems, (including cults), secret & open societies, organizations, the foster care system, the penal system and any other applicable avenue of discovery.
  • To resolve & correct the legal & moral standstill that has carried on for over 50 years.
  • To create healing from trauma education centres to make sure this does not carry on for future generations, either from fresh instances or from generational inheritance.
  • To create educational arenas so this topic can be fully explored on a sociopolitical, academic & spiritual level.
  • To expose the compartments and departments that shielded the lies for the last few generations so the platform for such activities to carry on are destroyed for ever, for good.
  • To rebuild the lives of those effected directly by secret government sponsored torture programs, including their offspring.
Physical and Virtual

Revivors from the MKUltra, Milab and TI communities, physically, mentally, spiritually and etherically revoke consent to matrix deceptions while grokking God’s plan as we enter the end times.

Ultra Nation Stations are created by non consensual hard core revivors of trauma based mind control, restoring natural frequency and natural law through our own awakening processes.

Tired of attempts to explain “the programme”? Tired of seeing the same articles passed around the same anonymous ad laden sites over and over again? Tired of “survivors” (insert any moniker here) hijacking your narrative in the ages old, us against them, double play of controlling information because, “they know best?”

So are we.


Ultra Nation is currently doing these things:


  • Providing emergency extraction from gang stalking, gas lighting, cult abuse and etheric attack situations in both the US and Canada with certified security professionals.
  • Providing secure personal sanctuary at physical locations in Fraser Valley, British Columbia
  • Providing current and professional healing techniques through trauma counseling professionals and other subtle energy frequency decoder facilitators.
  • Setting up organic food security plans. – underway with organic producers and on site.
  • Setting up alternative off the grid energy systems (rocket stove)
  • Providing healing and alternative therapies with certified facilitators using systems and protocols from Angel’s Health Institute.


Ultra Nation Station

Operated by Ellen Atkin, (aka MK Ultra girl) Ultra Nation Station is on a 5 acre private gated estate in the Fraser Valley in Beautiful British Columbia.


There are 3 natural water sources on the property and water rights are included.



It backs onto a mountain range that extends 1000km into uncharted wilderness.

Easy access to swimming, boating, fishing and all the outdoor activities that BC is famous for.

The Fraser River and the Harrison River are close by.

There is a private creek and wilderness trail on the property.

The 2400 sq. ft house is currently undergoing renovations.

There is a wrap around large outdoor deck.

Wild berries grow everywhere.


All facilities are modern and updated.

Ultra Nation Station is a 3 bedroom house with a full basement with an downstairs suite.

2 full
bathrooms, 1 half bathroom and a separated outdoor she/ he cabin.

Initial funding phase requires $100,000 to secure for one year.

$225,000 is required to buy a 1/3 share.

$700,000 is the buy out price for the whole estate.

Ultra Nation Station is real, right now.

August to October will see us soft launching a new on line internet
24/7 radio station through our current platforms: you tube, list
building and social media.

We will be releasing
information, getting support and calling for talent to fill our radio
slots. If you think you are ready, please contact us.



Consider becoming a Patron: https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?c=1374515
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