Ultra GRRL soft launch

Soft launching Ultra GRRL, Rebranding of soon to be retired old Blog. New Patreon. Redesigned legacy site, launching Art Decor and Fine Art line. Ramping up MK Ultra Girl Remembers Photographic Fine Art show & MK Ultra Girl: Discovery, Integration & Resolve book launches.

This will provide me with the identity support behind the launch of Ultra Nation. Ultra Nation, if you have been following Ultra GRRL since 2016, had to be cancelled after a massive security breach.

If all goes well, we will be launching Ultra Nation soon, with your support. Ultra Nation is a breakaway society, not a breakaway civilization. Since we don’t plan on jet packing off terra firma, we are calling it a breakaway society.

Unlike the myriad of other mk revivors and mk gawkers, Ultra GRRL has solutions. Who wants to heal if only to be languishing in this cesspool of matrix? Not Ultra GRRL. It is really our jobs to lead the way out.

So Ultra GRRL and MK Ultra Girl branding is the pre launch for Ultra Nation.

See? Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.

Ellen Atkin
Primo Baddasador for Ultra Nation

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