Trauma Based Mind Control: International Pedophile Rings and You

No longer are victims of trauma based mind control, sexual pedophilia and satanic ritual abuse seen as isolated unfortunates that might get better with a little sprinkling of sugar pills and years of therapy. Nope, because now there is a connection between these people and everything in society you perceive as normal. These people are the test cases for the soft sell mind programming that is filtered down through the entertainment industry, the education system, law, policing, government, corporations, institutions, the military and religion.

Is everyone of these soft sell outlets and every representative therein a card carrying Luciferian despot? No. All it takes is for one person, preferably at the top, to be compromised through blackmail involving child porn in many cases and the whole system takes on a sickly, irrational, unexplained penchant for bad decisions, unfairness, disloyalty and reckless endangerment to the general public. Sounds familiar? Feels familiar?

When encountering feelings of revulsion associated with first hand accounts of sadistic torture and abuse dolled out by famous and/ or powerful people a common reaction is to deny the account, because:

a) it makes you feel bad and/ or,

b) if it is true, then who is behind it and why is it being done?

A is a fairly easy disconnect. It is a simple mind program that doesn’t take too much awareness to break, but B involves entering the proverbial rabbit hole.

There are rabbit holes popping up everywhere these days. More and more victims are coming forward, more are unearthing buried memories, more are connecting to each other, more are not afraid of rebuke or recrimination, more are writing books and doing interviews, more are associating their experience to a much larger program that doesn’t seem to have an expiration date, until now.

Without delving too deeply for the uninitiated, the modus operandi for the rulers of our planet has been to threaten, murder, torture and blackmail anyone who did not go along with a largely incomprehensible and ultimately stupid world view to manipulate and control an entire population into subservience based on this cretinous sub sect’s belief that they have a divine right to rule and it is in our best interest.

As the net tightens on these creeps, we will see a most exasperated purge of evil within and among, like cockroaches scurrying away from the light. Once the scourge is removed, the entire system can be rebuilt on the qualities of honor, dignity, love, respect and freedom of expression, the very same qualities we are spun to believe is the foundation of our system now. It is time to kill the lie. It is time to birth the truth. Rout Out The Cult.

So congratulations to all whistler blowers, all children of military, all patients of Ewen Cameron, all first nations at residential schools, all orphans and street kids who survived, all POW’s, all child actors in Hollywood, all soldiers and veterans, all survivors everywhere.

4 thoughts on “Trauma Based Mind Control: International Pedophile Rings and You”

  1. Thank you Michele. Yes, there is a definite turning of the tide going on. We are at the tipping point now. For this and every aspect of wretched policy that has scourged our land, our planet and our hearts. I see, hear and feel the hearts of good people everywhere rising up and saying ENOUGH now. ENOUGH.

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