Transitioning to a Raw Foods Diet

Recently I have been asked by more than a few people for help in starting a Raw Food diet. I take a deep breath, bulge my eyes out a little and think, “research it for yourselves, fools.” There are sooo many articles and such on the internet that just doing a google search for, “raw foods” or “living foods diet” receives a gazillion hits. But who really does that? So here are my fast and furious suggestions.

First, join a raw food discussion group. There is almost always a topic already there that deals with “transitioning to raw food.” My recommendations are:

Give it to me Raw
Eat Raw Food

Here is a link to the topic at the RawBC forum.

Second, sign on for newsletters and post alerts on people’s websites and blogs. Here’s the ones that I get:

Raw Food Right Now
The Raw Family

The Renegade Health Show
You can sign up for a free kickstart package on this site.
The Raw Divas

You can sign up for free here as well (for now anyway) for a 7 day detox plan.
Raw Success
Raw Reform

Third, eliminate all white stuff from your diet, start your day with a green smoothie (don’t make me tell you how to make it– 60% fruit, 40% dark leafy greens in the blender OKAY), juice fresh vegetables, eat salads, learn how to make tasty raw recipes to satisfy the pallet, clean out your bowels at the same time by using an herbal psyllium husk formula. I had great success with these two brands: Blessed Herbs and Herb Cocktail. Or buy the ingredients yourself and grind it all up in a coffee grinder like I did last week. It wasn’t as good but still effective and readily available at the local health food store and cheaper too.

Fourth, buy books and recipe books on the subject. Fifth, find a local potluck in your area. is great for that. Sixth, start…..

There you have it folks for now… many blessed bowels movements to you later….

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