time to tour; dying down; staying forever

It was a very pleasant Sunday here at the casita in La Ventana. The wind didn’t pick up until the late afternoon but as soon as it did the kiters were out like flies. Claudio and I went out for cameron tacos and came back and sat on the beach for a while. I played guitar. the neighbors kids were about here and there. Reyes (my other neighbor) was very drunk since yesterday and had some hard living couple staying over who just left. all in all a beautiful relaxing Sunday.

On my way back from Cabo last week, I picked up a woman hitchhiking who was here for an International Peace Dance at an organic farm called Buena Fortuna, founded by Gabriel Howearth, in La Ribera here on the cape. I was reminded of Dan Hegerich, whom I met in Prescott last year, who introduced Claire and I to this group of people on New Years Eve in a Community Centre basement. Dan is a great guy who went through cancer 5 or 6 times and a bone marrow transplant before taking his health into his own hands. I had been in the raw world about 2 years and hadn’t really heard any new info for a while until Dan came along. Although there is much controversy about eating raw meat, Dan had more awareness of the raw meat diet, introduced by Aajonus Vonderplanitz, PhD, than anyone I’ve spoken to before or since. Plus he was a nice guy and hadn’t departed from his true self like so many people do when they enter this sphere.

Dan happens to be in the Baja right now as well, doing his Blue Collar Healing. So I hope to meet up with him at the Peace Dance. I am also headed to Todo Santos with a friend from here for the arts festival next week.

The scene has begun to die down. People are leaving. I guess the apex was the Kite Expo last weekend. Plus the Burning Bush Party and the Bongathon have both passed. It was and is like a tribal reunion. It reminds me of Sayulita. It is as though everyone plans for the year to get together here and have a grand ole time. The funny thing is, I don’t really know any of them. But it is as if we all know each other. In fact, there are several Whistlerites here that I remember and can talk turkey with. But my only friends that are here are not my friends anymore and are oddly enough not part of this scene.

Claudio just came by and asked me out to eat again. So I think I will go.

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