How to Defend Yourself Against Cyber Stalking Trolls

This is a warning to the survivors of SRA and MK Ultra abuse. My best advise is to not contact or interact with Ann Diamond. She has been cyber stalking me since Jan. 2016. Here are a few things she has done, that I am aware of.

  • Anonymously commenting in the chat during my first public interview in Jan. 2016 that my sister committed a crime. I was not going to reveal that in the interview, but she did for me. We figured out if was her and she didn’t deny it.
  • Writing 2 blog posts that she rewrites and updates so the SEO will pick it up about me that is laden with spite, scorn, lies, slander and jealousy. It is her 3rd most popular post of all time. She gets no support from her comments either. She is upset I got a new blog. She reveals her jealousy: ” It would be wonderful, in a way I suppose, if I had photos of myself lying on a table in a McGill experiment.” In Jan. 2019 she updated her blog with this: “ FRA*D ALE*T : Ellen Atkin has a blog at are several problems with Ellen’s campaign, which is all about self-promotion and turning herself into the poster girl for MKULTRA survivors: 1. There are no records for Emma Jane Crunican at the McGill University Hospital Centre archives, i.e. no proof she was ever a Cameron patien2. Ellen’s father is not the crippled boy in the wheelchair shown talking with doctors in a Quebec hospital ca. 1948 — even if he was living in Quebec at the time, he would have been sent to an English hospital. Ellen lifted this photo from my blog.3. Ellen Atkin is NOT the girl in the photo captioned “STRAIN ALL URINE” – this photo was taken in the US, not Canada. I have forensic photographic and other proof that the girl was an American child from a military family.Ellen Atkin is advised to stop masquerading as a MKULTRA survivor on borrowed evidence and a stolen identity.
  • Commenting with accusations and demanding answers to her frivolous questions on my blog every post I made until I stopped publishing her.
  • Negatively commenting publicly on my David Knight interview on Infowars in May of 2018 while I was trying to bring awareness and justice to this subject.

  • Issuing me a copyright strike in March 2019 on the youtube interview we did together in 2014, even though, she is promoting the interview on her blog still, today. IMO, she did that because her comments are so nasty and revelatory of her multiple fragmented soul, she was embarrassed now that she wants to be in the class action law suit. That is why I left it up, so anyone who cared to do the reading could figure out for themselves what the truth is.
  • Trying to post on my twitter account (I muted her already, then I blocked her) “”We have forensic proof Ellen Atkin is not the girl in the photo captioned “Strain All Urine.” If she doesn’t desist in using MKULTRA survivors for her self-promotion campaigns we will make this proof public.”

The problem you’re referring to boils down to this: an American woman has forensic proof that she is the little girl in the infamous photo that has been widely circulated on the internet. She can back her claim up with expert opinion plus her own detailed family history and connections high up in the US military and government- which is why she has not gone public, as you have with your claim. Simple logic says you can’t both be the child in the photo – unless you are identical twins, which you are not – not even close.

Why does this matter? Because: our credibility depends on accuracy.

It’s one thing to make a claim based on a photo. Dallas Goldbug made a career out of comparing unrelated individuals to one another based on photos. He once claimed Truther Girl Sonja Levkowski is really actress Tina Fey – Whom should we believe? Dallas Goldbug has been discredited and he took many of his followers in “conspiracyland” with him.

Guess what? With short hair I was a dead ringer for singer Kate McGarrigle. But I am not her and the proof is she died a few years ago and I am typing this.

I think it’s great that you are making people aware of the children who suffered horribly and even died painful deaths in classified experiments. We should all do everything in our power to bring MKULTRA secrets to light through every legitimate means.

This has nothing to do with “jealousy” – it’s about checking facts and not spreading tainted information which could damage everyone involved.”


Ann has a history of stalking. Before the internet came along, she was stalking Leonard Cohen and Mick Jagger. She even admits it. She also uses other people’s stories in her books and on her blog, told to her by survivors thinking they can trust her. There is a list of people who will have nothing to do with her. The best part of her book about Leonard Cohen was another survivor’s story who expressly told her NOT to use it. Not only did that survivor confirm with me, that she did not give Ann Diamond permission, Ann told me herself, she didn’t have permission.
I think it is fairly evident in all her ravings that she is obsessed with me. She is a fiction writer who appears to see other humans as characters in her, as yet unwritten, prose.
I hoped that when she joined the survivor class action group, she might be able to turn serious, but she has not. I fully understand the state of mind that Ann is in. I have to deal with that with my sister, but Ann is not my sister. She is a grown up woman in  her mid sixties who should know better.
She clearly goes out of her way to try to discredit me publicly. It is Ann who does not have any evidence of her or her family’s involvement in MKultra. I have some medical records for both my mother and father from the Allan: therefore proof.
She behaves like a little girl who didn’t get invited to the party. It appears her best hope at getting acknowledgement for being a victim is to ruin everyone’s best hope. These are programs that ruin lives.  She is doing the very thing she accuses me of doing. We all see it and marvel at her directionless, attention seeking accusations and rants.
She continues to harass me, complaining about anything to draw attention to her sad situation. Does she want pity? Recognition? She told me years ago when I mistakenly thought she was my friend that she believed there would never be any justice or hope for survivors of the Allan. She appears to be doing all she can to prove herself right.
She demands me to comment on her sad little blog. She repeatedly comments on my FB page making absurd demands that defy rational. She accuses, lies and slanders. She makes absurd assumptions about my intentions, declaring my entire right to free speech and expression an abomination to her and others she claims to speak for. Her lack of expertise in internet functionality reveals how desperately absurd she is. She is jealous that I am good at marketing, selling, promoting, media, writing, editing, imagery, influencing. It never occurred to her that I had an online internet business for 10 years and might have some skill.
I recently asked her to stop all contact with me after she posted AGAIN on my FB page (I haven’t figured out how to block her yet). Knowing how these things work, the police will first ask you to request that of your stalker. I did that and this was her response, “Grow Up.” Next, she dropped a screen shot of how much her blog stats went up because of her link she posted on MY page.
Any mention of her in any of my media causes her to froth at the mouth, which is why I try to ignore her, but she has made serious accusations against me that, I believe, have hurt my credibility and the very real success I have had with my media campaign to bring awareness to issues of receiving justice for Mk Ultra victims. Please contact me privately for more information.
Ellen Atkin
MK Ultra Girl (the real one)