Awakening the Great Return: Rome Burns

The truth of what happened to me in mkultra in my generation is helped to conscious recall by the testimony of others who have kindly shared with me their painful tragic stories. I have spoken to many, many real survivors of the programme.

They have shared amazing stories with me that are not on the internet. The truth is much stranger and harsher than most truthers know, or admit, or remember.

The reckoning is upon us. The boundless testimonies of survivors, all leading to the same conclusions, isn’t gonna run much longer as an entertainment gawker side show.

It is making it to the authorities and the judiciary. It isn’t Q or draining the swamp, although it is all connected. Society has a moral and ethical and possibly imperative duty to respond to our outcries.

If I know more than Q is telling you, and I do, about the interconnected psi ops going on from the sub basement floor of the deep state to the apogee of heaven, what does that tell you?

The targeted, the broken, the survivors, the victims, the milabs, the ultras, the super soldiers are actually the ones telling the collective conscious the truth. We are the leaders. We have the inside information.

It is all connected to the integral human, the awakened Christed soul, the enlightened man, the stolen soul currency, the natural exalted being.

It is like white magic and dark magic. To be rescued from dark magic, one must know how it operates. We do. We are helping the rest of humanity to not be further ensnared and to recognize what is happening.

It is coming for you. Whatever platform you stand on, you will fall to it. Our testimonies are like a flaming discus flung into the AI machine. The AI machine is compounded by technology, but it is also in the air, the food, the water and where ever else the mad devils can think to put it.

All debates presuming otherwise are a waste of time. Yes, they are connected, yes they have two sides, but all of it was laid down in the first fall by the elect. Who presumably have returned to correct the misfire. The way in is the way out.

While Rome burns, the exhalation of existence is more available, which makes Rome burns harder.


I can’t believe these people thought they could control the flow of information that is so beyond their ken, but they did. The whole Wilcock/ Goode show has gone madly off in all directions to try to discredit us. Yeh, good on the ground crew like Chanter and Unirock, for busting the basic bad acting of the show, but the truth is, Corey was in the programme.

I have 2 first hand accounts who remember Corey. He is not telling the same story, nor is he acknowledging them or anyone else in the programme (red flag, how could he be the only one).

But more people remember Joseph Mengele, and that is the hot potato.  It is like sewing up the long stitch between then and now with the socio political show runners. University hospitals and medical centers were all aware of his presence in the systems. He operated with impunity. The trail does not go cold at any point. It is getting hotter by the minute.


I am not here to take anyone’s comfort away, especially to the survivors, but the bible is full of twisted upside down, miscoded, mistranslated, intentionally misdirected meanings. Religion has taught you to fear and shun the truth and embrace the lie so that you will remain cut off from your birthright. Jesus was a targeted individual. The same people who murdered Jesus are the same people who don’t believe survivers, don’t acknowledge the programme, don’t feel responsible in righting their futures. Sadly, this is most people sitting in pews today. Jesus was murdered by the mob, not by the judiciary. Pilot wanted to let him go. Insert guilty backstory that he died for your sins. No he didn’t. He was murdered. Period.

Economic Revaluation:

There is nothing wrong with our system right now. It was set up so we could intervene. MK has blinded us to not act against injustice. Compounded with fear, ancestral and present, we appear to want to toss out 2000 years of socio political historical engagement to the new New World Order order takers.

Participate. How can you advocate a new world order when you haven’t even tried to change the old world order? Have you written a letter? Have you taken a stand for yourself against the enemy, in public? Sadly, most people haven’t. But they are ready to sign up to a one world religion and economy because of promise of basic income? Still run by the same people? Yah, no.

The system is designed for intervention and that is what this is. Brought to you by the witnesses: 2, 20, 200, 2000, 200000, 2000000, it is the same.

Do you know who the witnesses are now?