The Truth about Justin Trudeaus’ Marijuana Agenda & the Venture Capitalists who Profit

When all the pot heads were voting for Justin in the last hours of the election, I flipped out on one well known Vancouver pot activist for his simplistic and naive interpretation of Justin’s statement, paraphrasing, “Liberals will legalize recreational Marijuana use.” He campaigned for our faerie MKed (mind kontrol) prince to all his followers who otherwise would probably not have voted at all.

So here is what Justin meant. The government will control it all. Everything. We are going to shut out every independent dispensary and grower. It is happening now in full force. All dispensaries in Canada are being raided by the RCMP if not in compliance with the mandates from all municipal governments to close doors.

What is really going on? Who is behind the big pot businesses sprouting up in empty factories around Canada? Venture Capitalists.

Here is what one of them told me. In concert with and blessed by all levels of government, the venture capitalist group buys the buildings for 10 cents on the dollar. That is right folks, 90% off. Then, the venture team gets 3 years of paid salaries, paid from our government (your money). Then they hire a few hundred people from the local depressed town, take their cut forever and call it a success.

This was all set in motion while Stephen Harper was in the guv. An old activist talking point came true AGAIN… The conservatives do all the tough legislating, then the liberals come in and reap all the rewards by not changing anything. 

Then CBC does a piece on it, missing all the journalistic elements of fraud, deceit and lies..

wake up Canada

Ellen Atkin
aka MkUltra Girl
(Dr. Mengele’s experiment)

post script: Same thing happening in California. Cops on rampage raids of pot shops:

AND Squamish BC has some openly criminal racketeering idea of charging $5,000 for a dispensary business license. If this isn’t racketeering, I don’t know what is. Business lisencesa re usually about $30.00 a year. not $5,000.

Reminds me of the RCMP raids on health food stores. STOP THE RAIDS.. STOP the mafia takeover of the marijuana business by the biggest lying criminals in the world… Justin Trudeau and his Catholic Jesuit Vatican bosses.

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2 thoughts on “The Truth about Justin Trudeaus’ Marijuana Agenda & the Venture Capitalists who Profit”

  1. Ellen always writes well and truly from the heart. I have not followed the commercialization of recreational and medical marijuana in Canada. I am familiar with the U.S. programs and now that I live in Florida I am anticipating the passing in the coming November election a referendum for marijuana commercialization that failed two years ago. Thank you, Ellen for this enlightened posting.

  2. You are welcome Peter. Thanks for the endorsements. Watch every issue heat up now with exacting precision as every luciferian cult worship agenda is shredded like a fibre optic cable.

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