The Sedona Vortexes

I have had so many experiences on this trip that I have glossed over some of them. I am backtracking here to my trip to Sedona when I was in Arizona earlier this year. I went with my friend who had several psychic experiences. One was of me in a lifetime long past as an Indian woman with great powers and lots of children. Me and my family ruled the land.

Nothing really came to me that knocked me over in mid stride like him, but I did want to sit and meditate for a while to see what I could pick up. I had a very clean mediation. It was effortless and very strong. I am not sure if my impressions were coloured by the western theme but I visualized getting shot in the heart with an arrow by a cowboy. I am not sure if I was a man or a woman. I had a relationship with a co worker last year that had a lot of friction and this was my answer. My psychic friend later confirmed that he had killed me in a previous life. We had both tried to kill each other but he got me first. That would explain a lot.

One of my favorite new age practitioners who manages to present the most way out material in a non flaky way is Dick Sutphen. Here is a link to his site. There is a free download of his book: Sedona: Psychic Energy Vortexes on this page: Dick Sutphen

Enjoy these pictures I took.

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