The SAAGA Saga

“If there is no struggle there is no progress. … This struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, and it may be both moral and physical, but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” Frederick Douglass (1857)

Why does it appear there are 2 lawsuits surrounding the case of remaining survivors and families of survivors around the infamous MK Ultra brainwashing and mind control experiments done at The Allan Memorial Institute at McGill University in Montreal Canada? Because there are.

One is promoting a direct action suit that has a judge appointed and will be hearing in May 2020. I wish them victory and success. Surely their victory will aid victory in the second suit.

I do not recommend joining either group. Just register with the law firm.

CLG is representing a class action that has approx. 500 members right now.

Alan Stein is representing a direct action that has about 50 members right now.

You can chose which one to join. We are all family members or survivors of the Allan Memorial Montreal Experiments.

SAAGA stands for survivors allied against government abuse. However, it should read, SUAGA, survivors unallied against government abuse.

SAAGA united started in Montreal after Allison Steele got her settlement in 2017.

Unfortunately, mental illness is very hard to own up to, even if your parents and/or family members became mentally ill. It is hard to see the hereditary and sociological influences that are passed down as a result. Much defamation and acting out drama has occurred within this divisive group.

I have formed Montreal Experiments Class Action Members to remedy the problem. Feel free to join that. I will not be suppressing your story. I am in the class action suit and I am very happy with the legal team.

Represented by Consumer Law Group

Short story is, there was a division in the original SAAGA group that formed at the end of 2017. Many people wanted another law firm with broader parameters. I wanted a fresh legal team too. You can read my backstory here: MK Ultra Girl vs. Resolve

Some of my objections were:

  • Alan Stein is 83 years old.
  • He wants $500, non refundable from every family to proceed.
  • He had dismissed me in 2013 that left me feeling disrespected.

Apparently others felt the same way because another firm, Consumer Law Group, is:

  • Willing to do the work on contingency, requiring no money from the victims to proceed.
  • Filing a class action suit rather than a direct action suit.
  • Aiding in evidence gathering.
  • Expanding the parties to sue.
  • Seeking experts to refute the findings of “the Cooper Report”

So, after 8 months of Stein, not filing the case, Consumer Law Group presented a good body of documents and filed.

Apparently, immediately afterward, Stein and his remaining loyalists, filed a direct action suit, practically cutting and pasting the work of Consumer Law Group.

I don’t know how this will muddy the waters for the case, but I was relieved that Consumer Law Group, a fresh group of competent, intelligent and confident lawyers actually filed the CLASS ACTION lawsuit. The original SAAGA group is in fact filing a direct action suit, but as they say on their webpage amounts to a class action with over 50 members. The numbers signed up with Consumer Law group are approx. 500.

I wish Stein’s group, SAAGA #1, success in their hearing set for May, 2020. (Now Postponed)

Maybe the 2 cases will merge at some point (they probably will) since they are about the same thing. Who knows how the courts will see this legal challenge? I am merely a public person offering commentary with my identity as evidence.

After spending more than a year involved with both SAAGA groups, my advise is to steer clear of both of them.

Just sign up for either action and try to stay out of personality wars. I got treated very badly while helping Julie Gold’s SAAGA group with their promotion.

After making a 20 minute video of montages collected of the first Rally, I was set up as an “online fraudster” by some members in Julie Gold’s Brainwashing Victims Facebook page. Julie is supposed to be representing members in the suit, but she has gone forward with spreading malevolence and hate to me and several others in both suits.

Her justification in publishing a front page smear campaign on her website, using my name, is over including a few video clips that I can identify as my mother in the movie I made for her free of charge. Additionally, because, I ask for donations (which is declared as income if you don’t have a registered charity or trust) she labeled me as an opportunist and now, according to Julie Gold, a fraud.

BTW, no one donated as a consequence of publishing the video. My donations come from interviews I have done about MY case. Not one penny has come from the saaga cause. Indeed, many level heads in the group wanted me to raise funds for them.

She is lying that there is no proof I am a member of the lawsuit. She confirmed my application and my sisters last year. My mentally disabled sister is also a member of the lawsuit. It saddens me to have to do this. Have my long dead parents and my mentally disabled sister not suffered enuf? Here it is:

I do hope this will end the hate campaign towards me. Most of my audience does not even know about this saaga group and it is most unfortunate that this is how saaga wants to represent themselves. I will gladly accept apologies and move forward in the event that any of my enemies see the error of their ways.

Another claimant of abuse at the Allan Memorial, Ann McClean, has stalked me for years. She recently went after my sister and published personal information about her. The malicious root of this behavior was enuf to cause blogger to remove her offending post that has been rewritten and updated for years with gossip, rumour mongering and wild conjecture intended to discredit me.

Ironically, I have had more support from McGill University in organizing Rally #2, Walk With Us and Destroyed Lives Documentary Film and in getting my family records than I have ever had from Julie’s group. I only credit getting email addresses for McGill archives dept. from them.

I hope it becomes obvious that victim shaming allies for personal reasons will not do public perceptions and support for the cause much good. I hope that all members of the class action will take a sober look at what they doing.

Montreal Experiments Class Action Members offers an opportunity to rise above and band together in raising public awareness for exposing a long overdue secreted agenda. I dare say that success in promoting Julie’s group & my public campaign, which predates the lawsuit by 12 years, is causing jealousy to erupt. Slandering my name and putting my already very fragile sister at risk is so very shameful. I am deeply saddened by it.

Before she attacked me, I had never publicly slandered Julie Gold, in fact I am still promoting her interviews that relate to the case. The truth is my online traffic is not related to saaga at all. This is not a popularity contest. The legal term for this activity is called gate keeping. People serving this agenda are called gate keepers. Let’s walk through those gates together. Walk With Us.

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