The Paradox of Life: Headbutting the Time Lords, Creativity Innernet

Efforts to extract/ instruct from the matrix are only real in so far as they are experienced by the collective.

One may deny consent till the cows come home but realistically one cannot go beyond the barrier shields of the collective consciousness while here on earth or you are consenting to a personal victim/ abuser cycle. If you are not controlling your field, someone/ thing else is. There is no Normal, no stationary OK place where you can be at ease without awareness. Your awareness is the currency. It flows. 

Sure i can get out with my spirit, but that is not why I am here. I do not need to write down my dreams, they come to me when i need them, i do not need to practice any sort of trance bliss projection spiritualism. that is boring. i have a job to do. Those teaching these things are teaching distractions and are thus, as the bible warns, things to avoid.

Most people hit the barriers and collapse back in grief, fear, hopelessness, or insert ANY viable designer mind program here… because all those bad feelings are programs from real torture victims projected back at you. so if you cant deal with them and put the physical effort into transforming untwisting realigning your multi d bodies, you are just running out of gas on a conveyor belt to soul annihilation. and yes. it is that bad.

insert fire and brimstone preaching here…

to positively impact change, personal motivation must switch to breaking down those shields and then we enter into the time wars. most people who are on one side or another of any issue are not doing that. so they are doing nothing in actuality to penetrate the shield wall and liberate humanity.

Individual explanations are time wasters, yet called for and necessary for some.

Welcome to the secret space.

Know that there is an army ready to fight this battle and the bellringers are on a time limit.

Personally, I am creating the innernet of selects who get it and we are creating the matrix back up system, holding the demiurge at bay, until it is at max threshold and then Kabloozieee… Field one engaged. These are steps out for humanity.

If you are not walking the red road, the middle path, humbly revering supreme, down with the people, one love, you are walking toward soul annihilation.

Supreme being has your back. Many many times it says in the Bible to not fear. more than just kind platitudes. All actionable fear feeds your own soul lineage annihilation.

Keep you head up and start head butting the time lords. They are waiting for you. It is generally not a very comfortable feeling. That is why it is hidden from most. But now it is time to let the secret knowledge of ancient power and wisdom out.

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  1. I'm not sure where you are getting your information, but great topic.
    I needs to spend some time learning more or understanding more.

    Thanks for excellent information I was looking for this information for my mission.

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