The Long Stitch (The Greatest Offense)

The long stitch is the act of truth being verified through my temple (body). This is my first and only concern. It is my path to healing. 

I encourage others to understand the metaphors I present so they do not get lost any more in the tripe that is presented through the ages of liers and soul stealers. 

I most certainly don’t need your pity. My resolve is like Mt. Everest, a petrified Titan, the ocean. I haven’t come this far so I can invent some excuse to lay back and feel like like a rock star.
In my presentation, I heal the world. That is my mission. You should be so lucky.
The last thing I need, is some MK sap, giving me some rank advise like they have achieved something. I can defend myself better than anyone else I know. I have lain in wait for this moment. These signs from the creator are my guideposts, not your ill informed beliefs.
I came here not to tip toe around your offence. My offence outweighs all others. My offence is my only concern.
Imagine, a person of my resolve, of my standing, of my achievements, having to hear some dumb ass preface some pablum reference with – trigger warning.
The only thing that triggers me now is TRIGGER WARNING.
How is it these same people fly off the handle (the very definition of triggering) at any of the concepts I have to deal with daily (soul/ spirit stealing) to complete the long stitch? They freak at any mention of God, Devil, Bible.
I will smite them. Send them to me.

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