The Illumitranny Transgender Agenda

It is for real. All those you tube videos that you want to dismiss are real. In 2019 people will wake up to this. The lefty political  social engineering transgender agenda the right fights against is a gauge of your digestion capabilities because the truth is a bit too hard to swallow, yet. That will change soon.

Here is the truth. The satanic, luciferian death cult has done this for aeons. You have been looking at it for decades, your parents too. Check out Elenor Roosevelt!

One of my insiders, another not quite ready to go public, illuminati kid has many stories of the trans agenda that was shown to her and offered to her as she grew up in the 70’s and 80’s in small perfect town USA.

The idea is basically a slap in the face to God, the real God, not the one that is often called God in the Bible, but was written to fool you into believing that Lucifer is God. Stop reading the Bible like it is the word of God. More lies. You have to test your faith and your knowledge to find the truth within the words in the Bible. If ever I come upon a God reference in the Bible, I turn it over and insert Loo Loo. Just to see if I am being deceived. Sometimes I am, sometimes not. You will have to test it out for yourself. Handy tip: the reference to The Lord God is usually Lucifer.

She was offered, “If you want to become a boy, you can have everything you could want.” This is the prize. Do the thing and you will get worldly riches. And it happened in my generation. What you don’t know is that most of these illumitranny public figures are from card carrying devil worshippping ritual attending sacrifice participating satanic cults. Get that through your head.

That is the only way such a thing could be presented before the transgender agenda hit the body politic. The fools participating in this aberration now are just being decieved, without any reward either.

You might want to consider that within these illumitranny families are different agendas. They war with each other. We are seeing that now in the USA and Canada. The heads of state.

The best illumitranny gender benders are done at a young age, before 2. It can even be done in the womb. What do you think Menegele was doing? There is a difference between gender reassignment and soul identity gender. Every soul, natural born human, is inclined male and female. Some woman have a soul that identifies as 80% masculine. That in no way means that they need to become a man to live properly. It just means that they are experiencing this incarnation in a female body. And visa versa. I identify at approx. 67% male. That doesn’t mean I want to multilate myself and go through the social stygma of transgendering.

This transgendering practice is a badge of honor from the lowest cult scum satanist to the highest elite freemasonic luciferian world dominator. Just another stupid thing they do within their pecking order of worshipping the lie that Lucifer will equal the real God or at least create a rhelm for herselt (here), that grants them their material goodies.

That is just the way it is. I am telling you because I can do that without any fear of reprisal. You know that I am above them all and so much of their future will be determined by how I present it.

Let me know if you want to hear the 1.5 hour recording I did with this insider. It is still too hot to drop.

upcoming: The Mengele Deception: How one dopey nazi satanist build an army of genetic clones of himself and sold test tube breeding clones like spots in a country club to the so called “elite”, and had them move in next door.


Ellen Atkin

MK Ultra Girl

9 thoughts on “The Illumitranny Transgender Agenda”

  1. Yep, the big Hollywood stars are almost all Transgender. The big important figures in Royalty and Politics are as well.

    I’ve been waking up to my own possible involvement in MK Ultra. Still have fragmentary impressions not full memories.

    One of my big memories as a child was that I was under the impression I should have been a boy. But it never seemed a natural thought. Even at the time, I knew it was implanted. The confusion came from my toddler brain trying to figure out HOW, WHEN AND WHO told me to think this strangeness. This was in the 70s when all this was starting to kick into high gear. It never took and only led to me expressing my female gender to the utmost degree however possible.

    In fact, when I started to realize most stars and powerful public figures were transgender…it started to break down my own programming.

    1. Great testimony Kerry. Even myself, who had a mother who was a patient of Dr. Ewan Cameron and spent most of her days in bed on anti depressants and tranqs and a father who was like a wind up Tasmanian devil whose parenting style was hunger games lite, did NOT suspect that I was also experimented on UNTIL i saw the picture. If I can do anything with going public and my testimony, it is to show others how deeply buried these programs are, but they are not imaginary, they are not alien abductions, they are not spiritual events. They are implanted amnesiac walls that will use any means by which to throw off the evidence of the guilty, who are real humans: some in white lab coats, some in dark suits. Ultra GRRRRL is calling the game.

  2. Im gonna get hated for this but whatever, in my experience there are a very rare number of genuine transexual (not transgender) individuals and I am one of them.
    I was the first transexual (fem to masc) in my area to transition and I experienced extreme oppression in my family, town and doctors who thought I was crazy but I didnt care I still broke through. I even spent 4 years hiding and pretending to be a girl just to please the people around me.
    I didnt know any other transexual men existed back then but I still went ahead with telling everybody who I am. I also was born with a high androgen(too much male hormone) condition which delayed the female puberty my body should have gone through… but to me it doesnt make a difference. It doesn’t validate anything to do with my gender.
    I am male I always was and I did not change my gender therefore I do not use that label. Transgender softens what I went through. I also hate lgbtq activism I agree that it is a luciferian aGENDER and I agree that trans stuff shouldnt be pushed in schools. I do not understand nonbinary either.
    I have battled with God with my mind and this world. I have questioned whether it is a part of my mk uktra trauma.
    I have come to the conclusion that there ARE transexual people probably less than 1% of the population.

    The transtrenders satanic movement are making us genuine people seem lost and crazy! It is disheartening to see those views here. However I understand why people think there arent real trans people. It does seem likr a programme or satanic gender but the frustrating thing is the rare ones that are genuine. Argh! that is a worse oppression than what I first had to experience!

    If I am wrong and still plugged in to an agenda/programming then ok I will be open to that. The way I see it after 25 years of oppression is that I have a form of intersex condition but I am male 100% in my soul. Not even 99%. I am even quite sensitive and softly natured yet still am male.
    I hope my post has shed some knowledge of the divide, feel free to point out where I may be wrong I will accept it.

    1. Also just to explain my Union Jack flag… is from when I used to teach English as a second language. (In case I come across as a nationalist!)

    2. Sorry it took me so long to reply. Thank you so much for posting. I appreciate your voice beyond imagining. So many voices are not heard in all walks of life. There are tonnes of gay men and women who do not agree with pushing trans or gay education in schools or as a government sponsored social cause. By now anything government sponsored should raise big red flags. I also want to credit the alt right communities who would probably most gravitate to this post with understanding far more about the complexity that these issues represent because they have to experience it from their own kids and thus reflect on their own decisions on how they raised their kids (ie: putting them in public school… ). never underestimate your audience. I luv that expression. Your voice is welcome here. How are we to know how much of what we are is the programme and how much is the real us? We have not had a context until now. So brave on our souls against the onslaught of predictive programming.

      And shouldn’t we be fine to make our own decisions concerning our sexuality AS ADULTS? Thankfully our laws reflected that up until this crazy agenda started targeting kids, which like I said, even gay people are against. Well the right gay people.. AHAHahahahah. OMG. Pique Trans.. luv that one too.

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