The Great Indonesian Money Scam

There may be a great new world around the corner, but it is not
the one that is being touted now through some of the very sources that I
myself, Ellen Atkin, have been meeting, interviewing, exposing, loving,
friending, vetting, and writing about in general since I started this
blog in 2006.

In 2006, after many years of feeling like a rat in a maze, I threw in
the towel and went traveling on the road to adventure with the idea of
making a movie or a book about the, new at the time, raw food movement.
Soon enough, the old bait and switch, reared its ugly head. Worse than
that, people were using their own perception deceptions as a filter to
deceive others through, which, you guessed it, is FRAUD.

What else is new? One of my adventure mates put it this way, “First it
is a movement, then it is a fad, then it is a scam.” Can anything escape
the deceptive filter that clear coats all our lenses? Not until the
force behind the deception ends. It is real. It is conscious and it is
directed and it is intentional. It is not, just the way it is or the
natural flow of circumstance. It is the opposite of that. They have done
quite a thorough job haven’t they?

I don’t blame the people who are deceived, but I don’t coddle them for too long either. We have people on the inside of all these movements across all the Americas.

Ultra girl
proved a great personal breakthrough, but for the uninitiated to my
work, it is not the break point. It is merely a validation and
continuation of my ongoing work.

When my new it group, the MILABS and Ultras, starts to bawl the same deception, I just laugh..

Want to know who I am?

What I have accomplished with this ballsy, in your face, blog of my truth?

1. Defanged the Raw food movement of fraudsters thus taking the
sting out of any sting the black ops might have been planning for the
populace using  the greed and ambition of the fraudsters that may have
interfered with the potential for true healing. There was one person in
particular that I won’t mention, but learnt her lesson and did well by
leaving the stage. So, I actually darked the posts about it.

2. Outed the Natural Solutions Foundation.
What can I say? I took these weirdos down without hardly trying. 2651
page views. It is my second most popular post of all time. George
Clooney weirdo looked at my blog before he made the movie about Burt Stubblebine as head of the remote viewing agency for the US military:The man who stared at goats.
I couldn’t even watch that movie it was so stupid from the outset.
George Clooney looked like he took the tone of my post and 100% laced it
into the character he played. And yes, I did see the stats from
Hollywood IP addresses while the movie was in development.

I did continue my health activism work but went dark on the web about
it. I learned that Rima Laibow, wife of Mr. Stubblebine was or is a
psychiatrist that worked? with UFO abductees.. She claimed to have
worked with Adam Lanza, but it wasn’t the real Lanza, just a metaphor
for his type, she intoned. I get these people a little more now since I
cracked the cosmic code but still have no regrets about stopping their

More on them, they sued a former effective and prominent American health
activist for $5,000.00 over something that was supposed to be a united
effort. Now, I can safely say that all the players involved in this
particular psy op are unaware MILABS. Funny how that works, eh?

More yet, the NSF threatened to remove the National Health Federation
from their seat at codex and supplant themselves in there. The National
Health Federation may or may not be the most effective voice for
natural foods at the codex table but there are the ONLY ones there
representing anything other than agribusiness and representatives from
each nation rubber stamping insane frankenfood agendas.

Additionally, the NSF intoned that they had a seat at the codex table but were never more than observers in the gallery.

Even before I learned all this, my instincts defused the psy-op they
were working on to derail the already full of intrigue and compromised
health activism world, into a funnel for a cult like alternative escapee
community in Panama.

Stopped the terror attack at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Canada.

Several years before the Olympics in Vancouver, David Hawkins, of Abel Danger,
amassed a manila envelope full of evidence aimed at a terror attack
planned there. He handed this envelope to the prime minister at the
time, my buddy, Stephen Harper at a public BBQ in Surrey, BC. A bodyguard took the envelope and the exchange was witnessed by several people.

David Hawkins credits my work as well as his own for
stopping the terror attack on the Vancouver Winter Olympics in 2010

“Abel Danger has announced we will be making awards of the
prestigious OH HENRY award to the person or persons deemed most valuable
in proving Colonel Russell THE CANADIAN STALLION Williams’ linkage to
the obstructed plans for aviation mayhem at the Vancouver Olympics (
blocked by Ellen Atkin of BC and Abel Danger of PC ) as well as THE
CANADIAN STALLION’S participation as a Red Air Asset, not my choice of terms,
in the ‘little white jet’ ( 5th Wing, Goose ) seen flying formation
with UA93 ( seen by Susan McElwain and 2 others ) as well as seen in
route formation with UA175 surrogate drone impacting second tower.
While it is believed THE CANADIAN STALLION flew the EW Jet deployed by
5th Wing, Goose, ‘Errand Boy’ Bouchard was at Tyndall AFB, FL on 9/11
while Maurice ‘Seahorse’ Baril was commanding NORAD as agreed to in the
treaty signed by ‘Seahorse’ and Gen Henry Shelton, see page 18 of this
briefing document for the June 1,2 2001 practice for the Canadian attack
on America apparently aided by Thales.”

David’s work and my own article, Olympic Stand Down, published in the 2nd edition of The Agora Newspaper published in BC in January, 2010, blocked the attack.

Russell Williams was arrested 3 or 4 days before
the Olympics. He was the head of Airborne Security for the Vancouver
2010 winter Olympics.
Who was he..? This pantie clad pedophile murderous drinking buddy of serial killer Paul Bernardo is him. He is in jail for LIFE NOW. In the fifth estate program that shows his taped confession, the psychiatrist in the pink shirt is lying. The other police guys are great.

What does this have to do with the great Indonesian money scam… ?
Maybe you can see now why I land myself in the middle of these psy ops? I
must say, this one takes the cake. Do you think this kind of thing
stopped happening to me? The GIMS has to be the best one of all. It is
gone super nova. It is really and truly an international conspiracy!

There is a fake end of the world scenario in progress. It might involve
holographic images of Jesus in the sky, but any true christian will know
the difference. None the less they are still bothering. The phony stock
market and world financial market is being exposed and engineered to
halt. The engineers hope to deceive you into thinking that there is a
crisis and you need to be afraid. Do not make any deals during this
time. It may be the 3 days talked about in prophesy. Do not make any
deals. In fact the advise is to close and lock the doors, cut off all
communication and do not let anyone in even if it sounds like your child

I interpret this to mean the Swiss Indo money scam New New World Order
through the New UN descendants of King Solomon clan. That a good portion
of my false light and love new ager friends are buying into as a kind
of pied piper tune to the promised land that has all the hallmarks of
the same phony cult of douchebags behind the torture and trauma and
tragedy of my own family.

In the name of my mother Emma Jane Crunican, and my father John Robert
Atkin, two people who gave their minds and their children to the
programme in unknowingness, I now command every handler operative to
stand down and work towards the bettering of their own lives whist
keeping evidence unaltered. Extra points for digging. And do feel free
to contact me (no mosquito drones please!)

Swiss Indo, M1, King of Kings, the Dragon families, the Dinar, the RV,
any reevaluation of currency, the IPPT, prosperity funds, collateral
accounts, NESARA, ect.. are all only attempts of the Asian mafia to muscle their
way into the global money scam. They are hoping you will believe just
one more second that money is good, important, real, worth having, worth
basing a society around. This is the “great work of ages”… the same Masonic Jesuit thing they think they are pulling AGAIN!

Over the last year almost all of the ATMS have been switched out to the
new improved models that account for the new economy which is all about
credits given for nothing but hegemony to the beast. They estimate to add another million to the 3 million currently by 2020. Don’t buy one load
of it. There is never going to be 6,000,000 dollars to each person. This
scam has been going on for decades. And I betcha most Indonesians know

The timetable on this was pulled from June 2016 to early March 2016. The
gullible are getting suited for their new uniforms as well speak. I
could go into the whole structure of the new New World Order government
but we have that stored and more as intel keeps flooding in. It is quite
a leaky boat they are on. 

Mark my words, when I say every single media
outlet will be pointing to my story within 2 months time, I mean it.
This story will break the internet… And I mean break it.

Look people. This is not a joke.

I do not need to be vetted by agents of
the programme. I am exposing them! I have the keys. The discovery of
the photo of MK Ultra girl was the missing piece I needed – a gift

If you haven’t already felt the blow back, connected
the dots, just stay tuned to this channel AND my blog. They will be the
primary outlets for this information, which is coming fast and furious

If there is anything left of the internet in the next month or so, I
hope this post can clarify through the analysis presented in hindsight
what is happening. This internet as we know it will die. So, if you have
any web only versions of data or data in the cloud, I suggest you make
personal hard drive back ups. The new tech will be based on clean
crystaline technology, that I have been talking about for years.

We will have plasma crystalline plexi coated cubes with codes and data
that can be accessed through thought held in the palm of the hand and
visualized in the holographic centre.

You will only get to use it if you say no to the beast. Don’t be fooled! Be warned.

Ellen Atkin’s Sunday Sermon
from the Church of Ellen Atkin

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3 thoughts on “The Great Indonesian Money Scam”

  1. My dear friend has what very few so called TRUTHERS have she has a picture. Of herself being tortured, she has the memories and the loss of time too. These things are not easily replaced and I know it all too well myself. Once I realized that my whole life was planned and carried out for me by the others who hold all the cards. There really is no choice for me other than to change the GAME and USE my own CARDS. This is all we can do at this present moment in the Now. This is how we start running the GAME. Because if those who have been playing and using us as their folly have their way we will never win. We will die Broke, Sad and Ruined, and I know this is the case because I have lots of friends who fit the above descriptions. The question (I learned when I sold insurance that the most important interaction with someone is to ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS?) for all of us now in this now is: do we need to know everything about what is WRONG to do the RIGHT things? I would love to hear your answers.

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