The Case of Ellen Atkin

Case to Media, Lawyers and Government

21 2018

Ellen Atkin daughter of John & Jane Atkin (nee Crunican) makes case for
investigation into MK Ultra perpetrated against her family.

I, Ellen Atkin have carried unbearable burdens of my mother's and father's
mental, emotional, physical illnesses my entire life. Both of them were patients in the
psychiatric departments of several Ontario and Quebec mental
hospitals. There is ample evidence now that both of them and myself
were experimented upon and used as human guinea pigs. I am quite sure
my sister and brother were harmed as well, but my brother is dead and
my sister is very drugged and not able to defend herself.


  • To obtain medical records for my mother, my father and myself.
  • To pursue legal action where warranted against the perpetrators and
    their umbrella organizations.
  • To bring open all instances of the Canadian Government's involvement in
    mkultra style torture and trauma programs administered through the
    military, the medical system, the education system, the religious
    system (including cults), secret & open societies and
    organizations, the foster care system, the penal system and any
    other applicable avenue of discovery.
  • To resolve & correct the legal & moral standstill that has
    carried on for over 50 years.
  • To create healing from trauma centres to make sure this does not carry
    on for future generations, either from fresh instances or from
    generational inheritance.
  • To create educational arenas so this topic can be fully explored on a
    sociopolitical, academic & spiritual level.
  • To expose the compartments and departments that shielded the lies for
    the last few generations so the platform for such activities to
    carry on are destroyed for ever, for good.
  • To rebuild the lives of those effected directly by secret government
    sponsored torture programs, including their offspring.

Case by Case

Jane Atkin (nee Crunican), deceased:

My mother, Jane Atkin, never received compensation for her part in the sleep
therapy program, part of the mkultra experiments carried out in
Quebec by Ewan Cameron at the Alan Memorial Institute part of Mcgill

There is a film clip of her getting electrocuted by Ewan Cameron that is called
“Mental Hospital”, produced by The Oklahoma State Department of Health in cooperation with the State of
Oklahoma Department of Mental Health (a University of Oklahoma Production) from 1953.

Here is a still. The images on the right are of my mother as a young woman and as a 40 year old woman who had been shocked, drugged, experimented upon and institutionalized for 20 years.


My first
attempt to address this with the government of Canada was in 1998.
Here is the letter I received back from Anne McLellan:

For nearly
8 years, I have been trying to get my mother's medical records. A
letter I sent to the hospital in Montreal was returned unopened in
2011. I contacted Alan Stein, the lawyer in the recent class action
law suit filed by victims and their families, in 2013 and he was no
help. I am currently waiting to hear back from the Department of
Justice of Canada. The Department of Justice Quebec told me they
could not comment and to get a lawyer.

Her twin
sister Joan White is still alive and can verify that she was a
patient of Ewan Cameron. Joan White admits to visiting her there in
the hospital while it was going on.

John Atkin deceased

John Atkin began exhibiting mental disorders close to his 16th
birthday. His brother Jim told me he used to hide behind bushes
thinking people were following him. He also used to stand up in the
audience of movie theatres and yell at the screen.

John Atkin had a “nervous breakdown” around 1939 or 1940 and was
institutionalized for a time. I believe this picture is of him as a
young man. The other picture is him holding me and my sister in 1962.

There is evidence that Joseph Mengele was applying for Canadian Citizenship in
1962 and plenty of evidence the Nazis were accepted into Canada after
the war. The guy in the lab coat on the left has been identified as
Joseph Mengele.

D. Establishment of the Deschênes Commission
"The immediate cause of the establishment of the Deschênes Commission in 1985 was the accusation that Joseph Mengele, an infamous Nazi war criminal, had applied to immigrate to Canada in 1962 and that Canadian government officials had been informed at the time of his identity. Moreover, it was suggested that he might still be in Canada. The issue was raised in the House of Commons on 23 January 1985 by Robert Kaplan. The Prime Minister responded that he had instructed the Minister of Justice and the Solicitor General to initiate, on an urgent basis, a full inquiry to ascertain whether there was any truth in the accusations."

This picture came from a hospital in Quebec called St. Michel de Archange.
It is also known that my father went to St. Thomas mental institute
as a patient. He was likely at Windsor and London Ontario psyche
wards in the local hospitals there as well. This occurred before

Myself, Ellen Atkin

In 2015, I found this picture on the internet and immediately recognized myself.
This image is meta tagged mkultra girl. It has been used 1000's of
times as the poster child for trauma based mind control on children.

I was living in Huntsville Ontario near the time this image was taken. I
have no recollection of the time or place of this occurrence.
However, both North Bay and Toronto are identified as mkultra
centres. Huntsville is between those 2 centres.

The picture on the left is the famous photo. The picture on the right is my grade
2 class photo.

This is my now and you can judge for yourself (look at the eyes):


Clearly there is a large case here. I need help to get this story out. I need
help researching. I need help getting records. I need legal help. I
cannot do this on my own. I live a marginal existence as a self
employed photographer with low income business. I need to get my case
resolved, my pension resolved, and everything else resolved.

There is much more evidence.


Ellen Atkin

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