The Agora National: Leading the Canadian Print Media Revolution

A new newspaper which speaks to the rapidly growing concerns of our modern Age, The Agora is the first newspaper of an inevitable new breed.  Facilitated by innovations in technology, form and substance, this ambitious new newspaper is able to be both National and Local in scope and will serve Canadians as a concourse of ideas, political debate, philosophical musing, religious and spiritual insight, scientific concepts, and as a marketplace for goods and services.
The Agora is read by an unusually diverse cross section of Canadians. Because The Agora’s content is almost entirely user generated everyone wants to read it!  Our unique advantage and defining quality is that we bring to the forefront of mainstream print media news and views which are already proliferating throughout the public consciousness yet remain relatively unrecognized by the “traditional” news outlets.
Our readership is comprised of conscientious consumers who want quality over quantity, while seeking genuine value. They are searching for the people and businesses that can connect them to the networks they fit into, offer insightful solutions, advance higher education, provide religious or spiritual guidance, and supply state of the art scientific technology. They care about their environment, are involved in their communities, run businesses, and are never satisfied with the status quo.   

There is no venue with more explosive growth potential than the Agora. Get  in on  the ground floor of  this exciting opportunity and solidify your place  in  the future of print media.   Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur seeking a leg up in a growing new field or an established business professional desiring
effective advertising solutions, The Agora provides a platform with unmatched growth potential. As The Agora grows, the scope of its’ advertising potential will skyrocket and offer your business National exposure.

The Agora prints 20,000 copies every month, with a readership of 70,000 people per issue. Our colour ads are where you can save 25% over comparable newspapers. We cover Vancouver West Side, East Side, Downtown, the North
Shore, and New Wesminster.  

Why advertise with The Agora?

Longevity. The Agora is a monthly paper, therefore it will stay on the shelves longer and increase the life span of your ad significantly. 

Visual Appeal. The Agora is printed on hibrite paper and combines distinctly classical design elements to create a unique, desirable, and highly visible vehicle for your advertisement.

The Agora is FREE. By being a FREE paper the potential readership is always new and diverse and not limited to subscribers, plus more people will read it than a pay to read paper.  

Distribution. The Agora is distributed in highly frequented establishments, community centers, and densely populated areas.  We target the richest environments for your advertising dollar.

Online. We take each issue and offer it online to everyone connected to the internet.  Your ad will be in the online version as well, offering you FREE online exposure.  Our website gets an average of 5,000 hits per month.

Change is possible. The Agora aims to act as a catalyst for positive change; social, political, spiritual, physical, and mental.  By advertising with us you are supporting new ideas and new methods that are trying to change the status quo for the betterment of all.

You are supporting freedom of the media, a break from the corporate controlled
news and information that saturates the mainstream media of today.You are
supporting local businesses and helping to provide a place where they have the
opportunity to flourish.  Together we are building communities for the future,
sustainable,  friendly, and prosperous.   Advertising with  the Agora  is about
much more than a great deal, it is an ideal.  It is a way to show your support for your community, your neighbour, and freedom of thought and expression.

The Agora newspaper offers your business unlimited options
for size and placement of advertisements.  Our sizing system is based
on price per square inch, which is calculated to the thousandth of an inch.  
Maximum ad size is 10 inches wide, and 15 inches high. 
Minimum ad size is 1.5 inches wide, and 1.5 inches high. 
The Agora charges a base price of $25. Then add $8.30 per  square  inch  for  black  and  white. And an extra  35%  for colour.

Special Placement Rates:
Inside cover: +30%
Center pages: +15%
Any other specific placement: +10%

We can create an AD for you at a charge of $40 per hour.

The Agora offers discounts to advertisers who commit to run repeat ads:
2-3 issues : 10% discount
4-6 issues: 15% discount
7-10 issues: 20% discount
11-14 issues: 25% discount
15-18 issues: 30% discount
19-24 issues: 40% discount

Compared ToThe Vancouver Courier and Common Ground,
our colour ads are 20% cheaper.  Our colour ads are 25% less than The
Georgia Straight. 
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