Tell Harper to Stand Down

Everyone please write, fax or email the PM’s office. I just did and this is what I wrote:

Dear Stephen Harper:

I told you not to court Israel and there you went and did it. You are
an international disgrace. How can you live with yourself? It must
account for that droopy dead pan lack lustre intonation you use. You
sir, are a fraud. You are not a Christian. You are working with the
right hand of the Devil. You will be exposed and you will be tried
in international court. There is no escaping now. You are out of your
league. And we all know your wife and your kids will just laugh at you
like they do already. Your only support is from a small minority of
fringe sect fundamentalists. You will not take MY COUNTRY down this road
ONE MORE DAY! Stand down you war monger, ideological wingnut. You can
expect a huge shit storm coming your way.

Here he is in all his phony pandering. What a disgrace. Please Act now… flood his office… Fax is better. It will land on his desk. I doubt he reads emails. You can free fax using this service:

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1 thought on “Tell Harper to Stand Down”

  1. Wow, I just tried to fax him using free, fax zero, which I have done in the past and the message popped up: At the request of the receiver, faxes cannot be sent to 6139416900. He has blocked the whole company!

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