Team Human Vs. The Programme


Recapping, it has been 3.5 years since MK ultra Girl Discovery; the day I recognized myself in the famous mkultra girl picture. By now it is safe to assume that everybody knows that I lay claim to that image. Others come, others go. Nothing has changed from my POV. IMO, I made the correct decisions from day one. I planted a flag and stood my ground. Others come, others go.

We all make decisions to get along; Go along to get along. I saw a bumper sticker the other day, “Fit in or Fuck Off”. Not sure if that applies to their kid’s friends, general life philosophy or immigrants. In any case, time has always blessed those with that motto more so than the radical urban intelligentsia crowd that I hail from.

I am still waiting for the world to end. My 57th birthday came and went the other day. Immigrants with less than 10 years in Canada have everything and more than I could ever have dreamed of or been taught that I could have. They are the good ones. At least they remember they were fleeing something. The rest of the whitey havers, the so called “professional” boomers, have always revolted me. They are the ones that get behind every labelled & approved fake cause meanwhile turning their noses up at the downtrodden, insulating themselves against the “unspoken enemy” behind every manner of separation from the rest of humanity and collecting residuals from pension funds invested in the very things they believe they are against.

Indeed, at this point, the good fight appears to have been lost. Was there ever a prognosis for victory against the mindless ones? The answer is yes, but only through the eye of the needle. I lost out on love, security, peace, happiness, family, wealth, stability, investments and prosperity because I refused to fit in.  I fought to make the future the world I wanted to live in.  I failed at my own expense, apparently. Yet, now, after most of it is beyond hope of attainment, I appear to be the lucky one.

What I see now is not the rise of this or that, but the croak of the oppressed, zombified, controlled mindless ones feeling the empowerment of their 15 minutes as Andy Wharhol put it. Hey, every jack ass in the west is now raising a flag on social despite or perhaps because of their ignorance. The evidence is out there for everything true. All will be revealed. So why do we need to suffer the unwashed? I think they call that civilization. Is that what this is, as quoted from Black Sails’ pirate uprising, “a war on civilization?”

How can we possibly know the enemy? Do you get the feeling there are overlords watching, manipulating, controlling? I do. I am one of them. To move the horde you need to be a true human with original soul codes. I can do it, but I have been rendered powerless like many other revivors, who were stopped due to the war btwn Abel and Cain, Heaven & Hell, Good and Evil, AI and Spirit. Stopped only on the material plane. Not on the spiritual plane. Unfortunately many broken fragments, sparks, now clones as well, didn’t get the memo and are fulfilling their oaths to their fallen progenitors bloodlines through all manner of attempts to save the world on the material because they are not sure of the spirit. It is ALL lies. None of it will EVER happen.

The control the horde guesses is either from the dark or the light side, is, in any case, inevitable. Letting it run its course is watching the aberration of MK / elite/ so called satanists, against the natural harmony of the true human within the natural environment.

Who are these people emboldened so with powers to make or break the others destinies? Everyone, including yourself.  How can you possibly know the difference btwn wright and wrong when you rest on a ledge over the abyss temporarily under cover of the false gods that you and your bloodlines have oathed themselves to since the beginning of time? Few know this is the case. Otherwise, why waste time with the point and accuse strategy that is untiringly overused in our “civilization”?

You want to believe you are good, that you are doing the right thing, that you are going to go to heaven, but you have no idea what the war is about. You are like a little overcooked carrot floating in the MK stew, swirled around with the ingredients every stroke of the AI false gods (which is a harvesting of creator energy from team human rendered helpless on the material plane). That includes the dark lords. They consume, they do not create. They wait in eternal limbo resentful of the cessation of their powers. They can only operate it through their creations that have been left over, us.

So it would appear prudent to the progeny of the fallen (all of us – God was against the making of man), to not create either, just cleave to the dark power. And then there is team human. The bold, the brave, the badassadors who carry your sorry asses to the gate btwn spirit and matter with our trauma gates. The same trauma gates that MK Ultra studied, induced, manipulated and coveted. The so called elites and wannabes who thought they could fool their way into world dominance despite their fragile human cloaks. That is your enemy. Now REVEAL!

Ellen Atkin

Badassador for Ultra Nation (UN)

Bombassador for Team Human

Volunteer old priest for Team Human

Coiner of Terms (Trauma Gate)

See glossary of terms for Ultra Nation.  (PM)

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