Talks with Local Farmers

My favorite customers are farmers. They understand the value of aerial photographs. They are down to earth unpretentious people. They are warm, generous, open, forthcoming, sincere, real….

Farmers have been buying aerial photographs for years so i don’t have to explain why someone doesn’t ” need” an aerial photograph but should have one anyway.

I often engage in conversation with them since I have their attention anyway and let them know that I write about health issues and eating raw fresh produce (among other things). Lately, I have been asking about sprays and organic farming. These are some of the things I have been told.

Pesticides are so improved now that they are all completely gone within a few weeks. There are no traces, no residue left. Just like the science and tech biz, that biz evolves too.

Spraying is all government controlled. You have to spray at a certain time and harvest no sooner than a certain date.

Round up only kills what it comes into contact with and evaporates within a short time (not sure what that is). Round up does not leach into the earth. Round up is a very simple formula of relatively common ingredients (don’t know what they are and it is highly protected because it is so easy to make).

You are more likely to find chemicals from 20 years ago than from last season in a soil sample test.

There are more sprays involved in organic farming than conventional. (?)

Round up is allowed to be sprayed between the rows in organic farming. No its not.

Asian farmers use the least amount of sprays.

So you can see that there is a lot of conflicting info out there, even among the farmers. Since I am in farm country, I get to shop at Two EE’s on 168th and Fraser HIghway and Mary’s Garden on 40th, between 152nd and 160th and my latest find, Hazelmere Organic Farm on 184th and 18th.

I find that taste can be very bland in some organics and evolved in some non organics. Like all things in this world now, there is a certain propaganda swirl around every relevent topic. Organic being one of them. How much of the industry has been hijacked by marketing? What does organic really mean? I know I could find out if I really cared to. Just call the government and ask for the standards, but as I said before, I am a very lazy journalist.

I prefer to glean my information the old fashion way, talking to people. I also make my own purchasing decisions based on some inner compass. Taste is a big factor for me. I still dont eat foods I never liked like melon (excluding watermelon). I liked Eric Rivkin’s suggestion to just tear up a handfull of grass and chew on it and spit out the stalk.

Last night I had a raw dinner at Rhada eatery in Vancouver at Main and Union. I had the buckwheat crust pizza with a salad and it was GREAT! I loved it. It was great to go out and not have to compromise my diet. Hard to believe there are only two restaurants like that in Vancouver. Even Rhada only has a few raw items.

Well, folks enjoy these bountiful times while you can. I am so glad that I dont have to shop at Capers anymore. I love the Valley. I feel like everyone in Vancouver is juat a lost soul, hookwinked by some ideal of modern life. I spent 4 years as such so I speak from experience. This Sunday, I am attending a dinner to commemorate the founding of the Agricultural Land reserve here in Surrey. I should make lots of good contacts.

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