Your Story My Story

I appreciate when contacts tell me their stories, but don’t kid yourself that I can help you from this disadvantaged position I am in. I can log/ archive your messages but that is about it. If your case (legal or otherwise) relates to my case, I will be more interested. I have identified myself as […]

Team Human Vs. The Programme

Recapping, it has been 3.5 years since MK ultra Girl Discovery; the day I recognized myself in the famous mkultra girl picture. By now it is safe to assume that everybody knows that I lay claim to that image. Others come, others go. Nothing has changed from my POV. IMO, I made the correct decisions […]

A Question of Faith

Since you won’t be getting a list of “what I ate today” here- how boring can you get, I think it is time to explain my relationship to spirituality. When I was five years old, I asked my mother, “What is the word for someone who doesn’t believe in God?” From then on I was […]