Survivor Firewalls, Matrix Bumperwalls: Your Place in the End Times

Many people present me with this question, “How can you tell a “real survivor”, “real TI”, “real MK vic”. ? Or they phrase is this way, “How can we prevent the fakes from hijacking our stories?” As though the foregone conclusion is that there will be justice, payout, compensation, and some people just want to hop on our train for the glory. Let me tell you, there is no glory in this mission. You either have one or you don’t.

It is not the question of “validity” that needs to be addressed since the planting of experience and the using of vics is so varied, but the understanding of “hitting the survivor firewall” as I call it. 
Everyone is valid. All those new agers with stories of galactic councils and secret space programs and enki and ufos and ashtar command are all vics. I find it amusing that they are adding, mkultra survivor to their tag lines now that it is exploding on the internet. IMO, it invalidates their previous positions. 
But I do not questions they are vics. I knew it before they announced it. 
So, when experiencers engage in the confrontation process, it is really just about obfuscating the whole picture. Everyone has an option to engage or not. It was all programmed that way for a reason. I can see it in the fracturedness of the many survivors out there. It does not invalidate them to me. 
I personally don’t give a shit. One or two peon survivors with their jelous lashing out fractals don’t mean fuck all to me. Hit me with a flower. I went through all this as a child. That is why picked the family I did to grow up with. 
I do what I have to do within the context of my own story and my own material. I get the whole picture now. I have the master decoder ring (through study and research) to the creation story and I know my place within it. 
I plod along and that is that. I wait for signs from the real God and I monitor my own reactions so that I may change my survivor firewall programs that cleave me back into the matrix. That is how I am healing. I heal every time I proceed along with my mission, which is to tell the truth of my story and confront the program and those who continue to do the covering. 
We are in the times now where everyone needs to get right with their souls mission or suffer the consequences. There is no more reset button for the guilty perps. They know that. So they keep activating the old assets, us
The activation codes are planted from all that programming and continual bombardment with supplemental activation attempts from the weaponized ones and zeros (5G, ect) to trigger the 6 sided molecule of our DNA, the phosphorus, the part that is of the fallen. It is up to us, to recognize the deceit and separate it at the point of activation and “just say no”. We are also made up of the star molecule of RNA, ribonucleic acid, Adam’s rib, which is the essence of humanity. 
There will not be an ascension through the 6 sided molecule. (actually there will be for all those who continue to not heed these warnings), but that is the false future prison system worse than here now.That is the holographic future fractal. That is the ongoing deceit/ conceit, that keeps confounding the hopeful. In fact all inspiration is a crock. You know your connections, your soul group, the love vibe, the truth. Admitting you made a mistake (hard to do) in believing that these temple bodies of the fallen will grant us equality with the true creator father big guy real God is the essence of repentance. It is the once and future neutralizing agent against all deceit. 
It was a lie then and it is now. So the narrative is all mixed up in the public discourse. I call it the MK stew. most people are clinging to a log floating in an MK sea. 
So, if you can understand that and apply it to your own being, you can do your own authentication, taking action or not, when you are confronting. 
I confront in my own way, trying to be as efficient as possible. Plus, lets face it, I have a good case. So I will use my god given matrix nodal point spin cards and do my own controlling of the way out. 
I don’t expect others to understand. And I don’t care. I am doing my mission and trying to live in balance for my own sake while healing personally which at once heals the whole human psyche. 
There can be an ascension through the 5 sided molecule, which will come at natural death. as it always has been presented to us, as it presents us in every moment of every day. Start with common sense as the first litmus test of authenticity. 
We choose to come back and keep the wheel spinning or not. There does seem to be a natural cycle, progression to the soul maturation. I am at the end of mine. So, I can be very effective in my work because I have prepared for this. I don’t have the typical reactions when I hit the “matrix bumperwall”. I can go right through. I can come back. I can insert my own weave. I can work with my spirit helpers and change it. 
This is the personal power they are so afraid of. This is what I want to get out so that people can join in. This is my message. This is my warning. 
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2 thoughts on “Survivor Firewalls, Matrix Bumperwalls: Your Place in the End Times”

  1. “So they keep activating the old assets, us. ”

    Oh yes, anytime ritual time comes around (eclipses, equinoxes, etc.), I can feel them squirreling around with my energy. Before I became aware, I would just get incoherent random flashes of rage, anxiety or depression. But now I know it is manipulation.

    Q and the rest can keep dropping all the notes they want. But until they free us, the MK CROWN JEWELS, nothing will change. Every MK child of one of the families has programming that ensures the survival of their controlling families. This has to be stopped. Otherwise the families will keep returning, using different names and histories but they will be the same old crowd.

    1. 100%. This is interdimensional. We know all about it. Nothing will change on the flat surface unless the rhelms of the spirit are acknowledged. We Ultras are the real whistleblowers, the real change agents (the good kind) and I would go so far as to say, the remnant, the chosen, the real ones. When all other explanations fail, our assertions will become probable to the herd. For now, control of the herd is and always was all that matters. It is an energy sucking reality paintbrush that they try to control, against the natural order of the most high. They have stolen everything and replaced their BS. So the herd is truly unwashed and still in a very nascent state of awareness. However, the great awakening, is a start. People need to know it is participatory. Not a passive thing. Thanks for your great comments Kerry.

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