Suing the CIA

My 5 year public campaign has helped to launch a class action lawsuit against the CIA and McGill University and The Guv of Canada and The Royal Victoria Hospital.

My parents were both patients of the Allan Memorial Institute where Dr. Ewan Cameron performed his CIA funded, mkultra program, mind control experiments on 1000’s of unsuspecting people.

I have their medical records.

We have the best legal team in Quebec representing us.

Right now the CIA is motioning to dismiss based on immunity.

Please don’t let that happen.

The future righting of the wrongs in these letter agencies and their torture programmes needs to be held accountable.

Julie Gold is the lead plaintiff in the case. Here she interviews with Jeremy Scott and talks about the case.

This is a pivotal point in our history.

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Law Suit

Thank you.

Ellen Atkin

MKUltra Girl