stranded in mexico

I have been at this rv park in mexico for 10 days now. I realized after the third day driving down the maxipista that there was no way i could afford this trip. i spent too much money in the us and the tolls on the roads are insane and gas is the same (little cheaper than canada). i didn’t feel comfortable getting off the highway so i just stopped at the next cheapest rv park in Celestino Gasca. it is about 75 km north of mazatlan.

it has been pretty crappy weather ever since i got here. Most people here are retired. I am getting free rent in excahnge for being a camp host. Otherwise the days are interminably long. This isnot the mexican vacation i planned. There is nothing particularily photgraphic about it either. Augh.
I will try to post some pics but they will probably not upload. the wifi here is very spotty.

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