Still Keeping ON

My career has been going excellently. I am growing and building business and I hope to be traveling soon with it. For now, I am comfortable (too comfortable) in White Rock. My roomy had a new deck built into the new yard and I am on it almost all the time. I fly, shoot aerials, sell aerials and try to accomplish things on the computer. I don’t like commuting or driving in the traffic much so I stay close to home a lot. I am a homebody really. I wish I lived in the country but that is not to be right now.

My personal life is hoo hum. I have been dating this little cutie but his life is a mess so there is no future there. I am waiting to get out of town. It depends on getting a flight or three arranged with my pilots. And the weather of course.

For now, things are well. Still antsy to get on the road again but not in a crisis. No more demon visitations. Just keeping aware of my faith and direction. Tomorrow I am shooting a wedding from the air! I love that stuff. I really need to do more stuff I love like kayaking and hiking and watersports. Here are some samples of my recent work:

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