The workings of the cult are against the workings of the representatives of corporations.
The only capitulation of business to the cult is fear.
The corporations and the social media representatives are the tools thru which we can confront the cult.
So, don’t attack the business end of things. Business is your friend.
Business is the great leveler.
Business is the best religion.
If you deride it and adhere to gawd knows what interpretation of salvation, then you are a hypocrite because you can’t be here without it.

In 2015, I discovered myself in this famous photo. I had already surmounted my difficult upbringing, but sought answers to the haunting trouble in my natal family. My mother was a patient of Dr. Ewan Cameron. My father had been in the psyche ward. My sister went crazy and my brother died young. Then as now, this subject is taboo. I am changing that by integrating my search for answers, quest for justice with my work as a visual artist and media influencer. Go to my blog, to understand more. Stand by for

Business saved me.
Many people in business liked me enuf to give me business.
Don’t hang business.
Hang the cult.
Everyone wants out of the cult.
ps. You will have to separate the cult from business in yourself to know how to act. If you can’t do that yet then don’t act. Unless you are intuitively connected enuf within yourself that you know you must act even if you don’t know why, yet don’t do anything that feels like you are cementing your soul to eternal hell. But if it feels like you are doing the bravest thing ever and it is scary and you aren’t sure but you can feel like there is salvation somewhere there, then maybe you should do it.
Danny Rayburn