Soul Currency, The River of Time & The Red Road

I am not a martyr. None of these nightmare scenarios are going to happen to me. They already did happen to me and I beat them. In the matrix evolution, the trick is to stop the wheel of fortune.

The wheel of fortune is propelled by the river of time. Souls are spun around and around and around until they realize that that life sucks. I stopped the wheel of fortune, laid the state of my affairs at the foot of the beast and walked away. This is a metaphor for repentance. It does take some effort, but it isn’t anywhere near as bad as floundering on that wheel.

Before discovery, every honest attempt I made to move forward toward the humblest of goals was always met with another go on the wheel, where the same outcomes played out again and again with increasingly abrupt metaphors.

We are living in the collective expression of an abrupt metaphor for everything that was warned about in all lifetimes. The shrinkage of time makes for the harnessing of soul currency a tidier affair as the wheel of fortune itself begins to reamp its rotations (the end times).

Think of these times like going back to 1974. That is a safe rest stop to regroup from. Mirror that time in presentation (except for internet, however, eventually I will let that go too as the internet is as much of an expression of soul currency as the matrix can get).

Because the wheel has changed speed/ direction/ amplification, you have a right to pull your currency off it as it has disallowed your co opted consent by changing. So, do it. Stop paying everything that was part of the old wheel cycle. Declare your own state of emergency.

The first easy stop payment is credit cards. Stop paying all CC’s. Cut them up and throw them out. Return all letter mail unopened from the co.’s. Take a black pen and put 3 strikes over the name & address part, write return to sender and put it back in the mail. Never answer another call from them or their assigns. Never think of them again.

Credit cards are unsecured credit. This means that there is no legal recourse they can take to enforce debt collection. Their money was created out of thin air and your consent was all that bound you. Withdraw your consent. Contract over. Don’t waste time sending them counter letters blah blah, free man on the land crap. Just do the above.

You will eff up your credit score, but all that is on the wheel now. There is no return. Everything will be revalled, so you better focus on what you really want and need of life now because it will be harder to get it in the future (nothing will be handed to you like the prosperity packages promised ). Take as much as you can from the wheel as you jump off. Remember, I said I was going to take it all, down to the last silver chalice in the crypts, (don’t try this at home unless you have achieved Badasaador status).

You can figure out your own strategy for all the other matrix traps you walked into. The simple life is my goal; The biblical metaphor for “running for the hills”.

The red road is the road that the good people of the earth walk. It is a slow trudge towards soul liberation, toward the god head, toward remedy, resolve, repentance of the consent given to allowing your soul currency to ride the wheel of fortune. We all have consented to the wheel, indeed many cry when they are booted off, but off the wheel is where you want to be.

Now some people may refer to those who walk the red road as the zombie apocalypse but that would be a mistake. Those who walk the red road pave the way for the soul of humanity to join, while at the same time eschewing the wheel so all may share in the bread of life on earth. It hurts. That is how you know you are human.

Announcing The Survivor Summit virtual rally precluding the Walk With Us physical rally now rescheduled for Sept. 18th, 2020 on the front steps of the Allan Memorial hospital in Montreal, where the mad engineers of the wheel of fortune tried to master the soul currency co option techniques by torturing our families. Destroyed Lives documentary film follows in the wake of these revelations and evidences as only documentary film can do.

Thank you for all your support. It means the world to me. I am encouraged and my heart lifts to your call.