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If this works then I am sooooo happy. So I have been 5 days on the road so far. I made a web cam video but have to work on posting that. so for now, i will stick to photos and text.

My first day across the border was elation as usual. so happy to be gone from wet miserable vancouver. I was able to revisit my last time through the same route last year at the same time. How things have changed. I am going so much better this time. In a car and staying a hostels. portand was great. nice town. Ilove the states. you know, people are great in the states. the states is great. canadians have this awful image of the states but once you get here, it is great. everything is cheap, plentiful and varied. so many atenative hippie types. But people are all realy nice and helpful and not full of attitude. Vancouver is surly.

I spent my third night in a little cabin in Etna CA by myself. I thought it would be great but it was kinda cold and the internet didn’t work properly. Then I went to Potter Valley CA ont he invite of a friend imet in LA last year. He reminds me of a cross between harrison ford and richard gere. he lives deep in the mountains totally on alternative power on an organic apple orchard. TOTALLY COOL.

Since the point of this journey, once again, is personal healing and discovery, he led me through a cathartic breathwork session last night that was deep and profound. I can’t wait to get to the ten day silent retreat. I hope to do a lot of healing. I have so much hurt inside me from years and years ago that I just want to be rid of it once and for all. So I am going to do whatever it takes and follow the flow.

I also met Chuck yesterday on the road at a rest stop. he works there. I spent an hour discussing his personal journey with born again christianity. I am very happy to always meet such profoundly transformed people. Shout out to phebe and jan and jeannie!

taking you all with me on my healing journey,

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