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This is a general post that will cover a few topics:

1. Setting yourself up for skype
2. How my diet is affecting me
3. Big controversy in the raw food world
4. Charitable causes update

I been trying to write articles but that is not always the easiest thing to do and if it prevents me from posting them I will just blog. SOOOO first things first:


The benefits are that you can talk to anyone anywhere in the world for free. Is that enough? It only applies to skype to skype users. I am skype user, you be skype user – free. You also need an internal mic and speaker to listen and speak. Or get an external headset that costs about 25.00.

If you want to call cell phones and landlines then you pay a minimal amount. I have used it for over a year. I use most of my long distance with Skype. I paid $40.00 for one year and call 24/7 in US and Canada. The quality is not always that good but you can’t beat the price. There is also a little IM message place where you can chat. Lots of features.

So the big thing is that since I am in Mexico, communication is a little harder by telephone, so if you set up on skype you can call me anytime for free. It is a simple download. My skype name is ellen.atkin Get Skype Now


Ok, I don’t often talk about the diet even though this is supposed to be a raw food blog. I will now though. I am done recoiling from the Raw Lunatic Festival, where I lived and worked for 7 weeks. I have rebounded on the right path again. That only took about another 6 or 7 weeks. I was really off the diet. Eating only 50% raw some days. And indulging here in Mexico in cheese and tortillas. Throw in a little bread and cookies and some beer and wine and some mixed drinks and well you guessed it SICK. Oh yah, coffee too.

Yesterday I drank only lime and water. Today, I am juicing and had one banana coconut water smoothie. I have eaten a bit of the coconut meat. I will juice some more and call it off.

It started about two weeks ago with an espresso. I stopped drinking the hard stuff over a year ago and only drink regular brewed coffee if I drink it at all. For some reason I ordered the espresso without thinking. It was literal poison to my lips but I drank most of it anyway. The effect resulted in a feeling of getting punched in the stomach that comes and goes in waves. That feeling has come and gone since then depending how bad I was that day. Accompanied with loose bowels, oh joy.

So, I have had enough. No more indulgences. Back on the discipline. I will see how long I go. I should say two weeks. If I didn’t have discipline I wouldn’t have gone raw in the first place. I just think that it is not wise to rigidly stick to something out of an idea in your head. That is called dogma.

We are all emotional eaters. Angela Stokes talks about emotional eating. It is a very under discussed topic in the raw world. Her new book is all about it. Check it out Emotional Eating


Look enough is enough. There is no such thing as 100% raw. So if you are preaching that STOP. For us stigler types, we know that you have ingested some spices, probably had a few splashes of soya sauce or braggs or even vinegar and let it slide. Even such small grievances constitute fraud. I also tend to believe that dehydrated food is so similar to cooked it might as well be. It tastes a lot better though. However, the real controversy is much worse than that.

There are many many raw food preachers and teachers who make a living at it who are eating cooked food and not telling anyone about it out of fear for their reputations and pocketbooks. Also, a lot of these people have serious health problems they aren’t divulging for the same reasons. Here is my suggestion to these folks: make it part of your story. What was right for you then is not right for you now. Good reason to write a new book or make a new splash on the internet. And if you may need to start to eat some cooked/and or animal products to save your life than do it! JUST STOP THE FRAUD!

We are all human and the real reason people are all excited about this diet is because it made them feel better at one point. That is only ONE POINT in a lifetime! If you notice that you are failing then by all means ditch the dogma and do what you need to get help. This is a burgeoning movement and your fraud will backlash on you and the reputation of the movement as well. So stop it now or I will OUT YOU!


My last post stated that I would be giving 5% of the profits of the sales of my Astro Reports (0 so far) to a worthwhile charity that is somehow connected to raw foods and healthy living. Please email or comment below your suggestions. For each suggestion I will give you a free personality scores profile so send me your DATA too. Then I will conduct a poll and we will have a winner. It is all a devious marketing ploy. I have three so far. is dedicated to educate others on the impact of dietary habits on autism and ADHD.

The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation is a nonprofit charity dedicated to planting edible, fruitful trees and plants to benefit needy populations and improve the surrounding air, soil, and water.

The Andressohn Family
Abuse of the law and prejudicial court rulings against raw vegan family.Here’s another link for the news side of it. Latest News

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