Photography- Aerial, Sports Action & Art
Filming, Editing, Writing, Copy, Web, Social Media, Public Speaking, Fundraising, Liaising, Producing, Collaborating, Branding, Bootstrapping, Coaching, Mentoring & Business to Business Marketing


Facilitating through lost causes and difficult situations for hard pressed individuals. Health activism. Natural healing. #PrescribedHarm awareness. Steering public policy. Defining the Narrative. Establishing Legal Precedence.

Animal rescue

Animal care & rescue is therapy for recovering from traumatic early childhood abuse. It is part of the Ellen Atkin self actualization program/ Ultra Nation Station/ Micheal Atkin Healing and Deprogramming centre. Visit Joy of Dog to benefit.


Having gone public with my family’s Mk Ultra story on the internet in 2013 and more importantly as the identity of the the MKUltra Girl photo in 2015, I have experienced many affects of the outer program in others who also have chosen to go public. I openly discuss these concerns as they are raised in the ongoing intent to correct the train wreck of modern history and life in general. I seek to spare others of the deceptions that I was forced to grow up with by authentically telling my story, as tragic and perplexing as it is. I actively work to resolve all the unresolved traumas that continue to plague me and the world in general. Because of all that, I attract other authentic resolvers who are similarly aligned. It is with my experiential knowledge, others’ testimony & personal scholarly research into world creation myths and revisionist history, I prescribe a metaphysical dose of NO MORE MK.

You probably are.

To #darklab quantify and frequency calibrate non consensually the human soul to sever God’s connection completely and replace it with the fake version of higher and lower (4d) densities: AI.