Running From the Devil

Oh thank the heavenly heavens that I am back in my beautiful gracious country Canada. I am so blessed to have a career and established business that I can just pick right back up on. It only took 25 years but this photography thing turned out to be a not bad idea.

Haven’t made it to the heart of Vancouver yet, but I am liking my new little hamlet of White Rock and appreciate the proximity to my clientelle.

There is so much to say about the return home and about the solidification of my ideas concerning my raw food book. I am ready to write it after two years of research. It is a different book than I imagined when i set out.

I have felt negligent in not posting but I have been coddling my regained sense of identity and dignity. Although my travels were one of a kind and full of all kinds of life altering experiences, I would not recommend international travel on a shoestring budget. I was put in many situations that had the colour of purgatory and confinement. The silver lining has materialized however, in my return to Canada relatively debt free with a clear forward agenda. I limped back in my beater car, that I either had to pop the clutch on a downgrade or go under the hood with a wire to start. I don’t think people realize how totally precarious the whole trip was. But I wouldn’t trade it. I feel like I took the short term pain for the long term gain road. After all those trials and tribulations, I feel I have never been in a better position in my life. It’s like I took two ends of a string and brought them together. No distance between two points anymore. And if you look back, it was my agenda at the start two years ago.

I am so lucky to have a Bikrams Yoga studio right around the corner from my home. I have been three days in a row since Saturday. Although, my muscle tone and over all health is better (yay! raw foods) than when i left yoga almost two years ago, I was fully chakra blocked. But I am pretty much opened up again after the 3rd class. And I find that I am in a better place with it that when i left. My balance and strength have improved. It is pleasing to know that I have been doing something right. What a great yard stick to measure my health by. The notion that one does not have to pay attention to their diet as long as they are doing Bikrams is another brainwashing lie to promote sales of Bikrams yoga by the super ego inflated Bikram himself. What an ass he appears to be. I hope i never meet him. I would have a hard time not putting him in his place. another hustler in the guru guise.

Please understand that I attribute all of my fortune to the grace of God and all the bullshit to the Devil. I rationalized away the devil before. Now, I can smell him. Although the devil knows no borders, I can safely say that he is running rampant in the states. For now, his power is dimmed on my lightboard. I will expound on this further when I finally write my article, What is Wrong with Americans”. Coming soon. First I have a mountain of images to edit, a new website to build, a book to write, a career to work …….

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