Results From Quiting Coffee

About two months ago, I finally got off the coffee treadmill. I had cut back and gone on and off the stuff in the last 2 years. My standard pattern within that 2 years was to get up and drink a green smoothie and about a half hour later have a cup of brewed coffee. Seems totally crazy. Good drink, bad drink. Usually, I would have a bowel movement after the smoothie and then I would have another more violent one after the coffee. Now that doesn’t compare to the violence of my bowel movements when I wasn’t raw. I used to add cream for years then switched to soya milk which wasn’t much better. I had constant digestion issues. I started black coffee when I went raw and the worst of the stomach pains subsided. I just wasn’t ready to quit.

6 months into the raw diet, I quit coffee for about a month. But I still had the addiction. I didn’t notice any physiological differences except for the mind fuzz that lasts for about a week in the beginning. I found that I could forgo coffee pretty easily after that. That was a big accomplishment because I really drank coffee almost everyday for about the last 30 years.

On one of my clean up kicks in August, I dropped coffee for good. Why do I know it is for good? Well, I don’t really know how it happens. I was just ready. I know it will stick when I look at the idea of drinking coffee and feel repulsion and dread. That is where I am at. Same thing happened when I finally quit smoking 10 years a go.

So what is happening physically now that I have beat the dark bean? My bowels are so happy. All the movements are so much better. They are more equal in volume and consistency. Oddly enough, for the first time in my life, I often wake up early or in the middle of the night to take a dump. That is a new thing for me. I have never woken up having to poo. I don’t really know what it means but it has to be from quitting coffee. I have little to no gastritis and feel a general lifting of my skin. It appears the bags under my eyes are reducing. I think that coffee was a direct attack on my liver. I love feeling the differences of dietary improvements.

On another note, I have started taking food grade hydrogen peroxide drops. This little miracle oxygen substance is a cheap alternative to the expensive therapies out there today. The first thing I noticed was that my sinuses improved. I could breath much easier. I have always had breathing issues. I am one of those people who got off the inhaler when I went raw. Other than the breathing, I havn’t noticed too much else except that my skin looks a bit more plump and alive. And even though I have gained a few pound lately (from overeating), my muscle tone seems better and I haven’t been exercising.

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  1. oh katherine, thanks for posting. I love getting comments. I wish I coulda come to the potluck last night but i was returning from the sunshine coast and it was too late. i would love to see you before i go. I am down to the final finals now. do I have your number still? mine is 778 552-1299. call me!!!….

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