Resorts are for LOSERS

For the second time within 3 months, I have had a bad experience at a resort. I can’t believe I went a second time! I knew I hated resorts. I just got sucked into this supposedly FREE trip that turned out costing me over $100.00. What a waste of time. People who go to these things have no idea of reality. They sit there like whales indulging. They all look the same. STAY HOME. End this madness. It reminds me of ROME in its final days.

The first time was with a friend who wanted to treat me and his family and his business partner who was a woman to a “mexican holiday”. I packed up and left on the second day. They were all mesmerized by the opulence and completely stupid to real value. He was out of his mind the whole time. Ugly. These places are like prison with frills. ACHH. NEVER AGAIN!

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