Repentance for Aethiests

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Not religious but still want to save your soul? I can help. Been there.

I spent my childhood as an aethiest. Luckily I destroyed my own connection to fellowship with the church before anyone else did. However, with what I know now, destroying a prime’s connection to the tru God, tru creator is what the cult does best. Replacing divinity with doubt, rejection, denial and pessimism is what Kultra is all about.

After all this research into the cult and Kultra and my own involvement, I learned a few things. Because what happened to me was really a massive brain injury, I can’t ignore the physical roots of the lost in space soul searching I spent the greater part of my life doing.  I come from the outside in with understanding. I did get answers. Real tru  God did answer me.

So here it is. Repentance is all the things that the somatic body, the hormonally charged human needs to process in order to reconnect to your true heart. We are all full of, “I did this because of that, because of what you did to me.. blah blah blah.”

My action to restore my corrupted heart is to truly feel sorry, despite all the reasons that can not be undone. Lump on top of that personal responsibility that carries the burden without the resolve and you are looking at the complexity surrounding my closed heart chakra.

But what is really happening scientifically? Here is the deal. The one strand of your DNA is separating from the other strand. One strand is the 6 sided phosphate molecule and the other side is the 5 sided RNA molecule. Repenting is returning to the 5 strand. The substance of which is also in the stars. The tricky part is understanding that the 6 sided strand is actually taken from the being known as Lucifer. That is why there is so much worship around that. Why she is known as the king of the world. She is.

More accurately she has taken your star matter hostage encased in this flesh sack and sold you this laughable lie that you will transform out of it to be like the god you already know if you have any idea of what being a soul traveler is.

This is no woo woo. I did not make this up. It was all researched by Scott McQuate cutting up all the words in the bible and decoding them back to various languages including semarian cuniform.

And it was the tru God that pointed me in that direction. Scott found my facebook page before I found him, however his lousy marketing blocked my inquirey. Thank fully he does interviews and I heard him on youtube within the year and connected the dots. My faith was not broken (although I was in one of my Satan be Gone born again fervors), I was not decieved or misled. I was just trying to get to the truth of this overly plumped up subject that still has the newagers and all religions in a deceptive spiral.. get it? coil? dna coil.

So apparently, the nucleotides that connect the 2 strands are dissolving. These ladder like connectors btwn the 2 strands are what is known biblicaly as Jacob’s Ladder.

The prevalent virus that can take over our minds and bodies, also known as alien abduction, uses this knowledge to do its dirty work. Immunity to the effects of the ever remorphing virus habituated within is to KNOW what repentance is (for non religious and/or those who do not need forgiveness- feel just fine thank you very much) and PRACTICE repentance (for the unresolved abused and abusers)  somaticly,  (humanity based forgiveness of self and others) in concert.

That is why xtiams are sometimes so firm in their resolve about being saved. They find a guru, pastor, religion and jump on board, losing their minds in the process and the virus takes over again. Or it maintains in what German New Medicine terms a state of “hanging healing”.  Healed, reinfected, healed, reinfected…

So, all the sky is falling rhetoric about collapse, alien takeover, abductions, infections is tru, but it doesn’t have to happen if you know what I know. OMG. There has to be a better way to explain this, but for now, this should help a lot of people. Don’t complain to me about being targeted and dismiss what I am saying because you don’t believe in repentance. DON’T, you are getting on my nerves.

Hoʻoponopono is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness.  The Jewish culture has one day every year, they forgive all their enemies. Modern therapy is riddled with talk of forgiveness. The words are not good enuf. You need to feel it for real to actually heal, but to not be reinfected you also need to know what the mechanics of the process are too.

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