Raw Union Festival; new VID; New Diet

Oh I know, I so rarely talk about my diet and this is supposed to be about being a raw foodist. But if you have been following this intrepid traveler over the last few years, you will know that I declared the raw food movement over months ago.

BUT, since arriving at the preeminent living food facility for advanced nutritional science, health recovery and disease reversal called Angel’s Health Food Institute, I have the opportunity to have an illustriously restorative diet whilst promoting the center. (I am really so blessed, this is a beautiful place to be).

I am off the sugars (as best as I can, broke down and made a raw chocolate coconut shake today), drinking buckets of green juice, numerous thimblefuls of wheatgrass, and plating up miles of sprouts with a little dehydrated this and that. I have shrunk back into my old self and feel the smoothness of my old body emerging as the blobs associated with fish tacos, ect… start to melt. I am also taking ionic silver to combat the low grade internal infections that my medical intuitive friend Durk informed me of.

My first week here was initiated by a total low energy slump combined with my monthly cycle, road lag and culture shock. So I was dragging my self around like a lead balloon. Now I feel like a perfect example of detox recovery and continued self betterment. Thanks to Peggy McDonnell of Angel’s for the latest and greatest information in the nutritional world.

Fermented foods and low sugars are the way to go. Everyone is off the need to be 100% raw, don’t you know… It is strictly only a marketing tool. If people were really serious about their health they would go get themselves checked out, but as you may notice, a large portion of so called health practitioners won’t do this for fear of loosing their followings… hard to believe but very true.

NEXT——- Who; What; Where…….
All the big names in the Raw Food Business; The Raw Union Festival slash wedding of Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes; Taking place right here on the verdant and gently rolling slopes of Angel’s Health Food Institute.

In case you weren’t aware by now, this smashing, grabbing, earth rattling and rolling event is happening this June 19th, 20th and 21st in Southern Oregon at Angel’s Health Food Institute. It is a big round up, get together of many of the players in the movement.

David Wolfe will be putting on his Essene Priest hat and performing the marriage ritual himself. A host of speakers will be scheduled for talks on the mainstage and around the grounds over the two day festie. People like Rainbeau Mars, Kevin & Annmarie Gianni; the Boutenkos; Anthony the raw model and more…. will be there.

Music and entertainment will keep everyone alert and grooving from the oh sooo sweet main stage that overlooks the rolling countryside and snow capped mountains in the distance. Vendors will align the area with all manner of goods and services that pertain to the living foods alternative health market.

What makes this event so special is the grand finale of the long awaited marriage of Matt Monarch and my friend Angela Stokes. A true love story. Separated for two years by the officious bureaucrats of the USA, they conspired to meet all over the globe to spread the love and wisdom of living an all raw diet. Now that is all over with and the real tale begins….

In case you would like to see the facility and learn about what goes on here, I have put together video number two for Ellen Atkin Media.

Yes, I will be here. Please be my guest and lets make this event shine with all the precious, timely, once in a lifetime experiences that can only happen when we all get together.

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