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I am having some pretty good dreams lately. My spirit is finally on the move and it likes it. Last night I was working for my old company but I wasn’t doing anything. There was some controversy around me but nobody seemed to care because they wanted me back. Oddly enough, I wasn’t doing anything. I was actually trying to find something to do. I often complain about not really doing anything. Since I got away from labour jobs, I still feel like I am not really doing anything, even though I labour for hours on the computer and run my own business, which includes sales. Gwyneth Patrow was in my dream. She was sitting behind a desk, had her own office. She wasn’t doing anything either but somehow it seemed more appropriate. She asked me if I had native blood in me. I said nope, French and Irish. I am pretty much myself in my dreams.

I also had a dream about winning the White Rock Grand prize package B showhome. This is a very good sign. Almost all lottery winners dream about it before hand. I saw a sailboat today in the movie, Burn after Reading and immediately felt identified with it (part of the package). Another good sign. Although I was fully accepting the win for weeks, in the last few days I started to doubt it. But my DREAMS brought me back. How wonderful my spirit is.

Although I love fantasy and science fiction, have refused to settle down in any way and a lot of people think I am crazy (in a good way), I am essentially a moderate and realist. I am just a lazy hopeful realist. I have never really gone too far either way. Never had anything really horrible happen to me, never had any big challenges, although for some to know my life would instantly mean defeat for them. Horrible things have happened to people around me and thus, it could be said that horrible things have happened to me, but they really havn’t.

My roommate today talked about how she doesn’t have any friends who are conservative. If she finds out your political affiliation is conservative, or republican in the states, you get crossed off her list. I think it is frank of her to come out and say it and I can certainly see her point, however, since I believe that all political affilations are just concontions to ensnare and enslave and separate us, I can’t really buy that parcel. I can look at everyone as a lost lamb of god though waiting to return to the centre of creation. Part of my upbringing in politics was to learn that political parties are separate from personal affiliations. People may be enemies on the floor of the house but friends behind the scenes.

What on earth am I talking about, you ask? Well, I think I have found a relevant topic for my book. Food, Religion, Politics and Sex. I can’t just limit myself to food! Might as well write the big book first. If i really do care about people and want them to benefit from my words, then I should just tie it all up in an easy to understand package. Tall order, but I think that people need to feel relieved from so many misconceptions about those 4 subjects and understand how they play into each other.

I forget that the whole world is not on my page. My general feeling is that if you are not, then it is YOUR fault (and it generally is). This is my time, my prime. I did not come into this world to be led down the garden path or let a bunch of ill inspired cronies ruin or dictate my future. I have spent much time unraveling the matrix of my own world and although I consider myself totally normal, I have many gifts of understanding that most people do not.

Bottom line, if I am inspired then I am on it. Inspiration is so hard to come by these days. side note; something I heard on CBC – Apathy is Boring…. funny. You have to be quite clever to get on the CBC… Yah, can’t remember being on the CBC, but I have been on CNN!!!!! Angela Stokes sent me another internet clip (I hope this can be played here) with yet ANOTHER one of my pictures WITH a credit! How extraordinary. I have slapped a few execs around in the past over credits (not getting them). If the clip doesn’t work then go to Angela’s blog, see it there and read the whole story. You have to advance the pictures to see mine. Yah, I know, not exactly front page, but I’ll take it.

More kudos to our lovely raw food beacon lady Angel Stokes. The segment on CNN was so powerful that her site crashed from all the hits she received. And it wasn’t a hit piece. Angela seems to carry around a lot of good graces. If you have ever met her, you would know what I mean.

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