MECA First Rally

To all those who will join us in Ottawa, we all thank you very much for your much-needed support.

This case is a historic one and if we are successful, we will be – the group that finally held our government and institutions accountable for the barbaric experiments that took place at the Allan Memorial Institute from the 1940’s through to the 1960’s.

This will change Canadian history and every member that has joined this class action will be responsible for that change. When you think about it, it’s quite overwhelming!

The first step was getting our class action filed, and while our lawyers at Consumer Law Group are working very hard to win for us, the next step is ours – to bring our suit out to the public eye, to bring pressure upon an unapologetic government, and to finally once and for all, get justice, accountability and proper compensation for financial losses.

The way we can help and support our legal team is with the upcoming protest. So let’s go to Ottawa and get our voices heard!

Rally for Victims Against CIA MK Ultra mind control. Don’t let them get away with it

October 6th – this coming Sunday – at 11:00 at Center Block on Parliament Hill. Directions

The entire protest will be approximately 2 hours long, including a walk over to the US Embassy. We have a number of speakers lined up including our lawyer, Jeff Orenstein.

Dozens of journalists and papers, radio stations,TV stations and even politicians have been notified with a Media Advisory and a full press release is going out on Wednesday.

Everything is very well organized down to the donuts and hot coffee that will welcome you upon your arrival.



Directions (Word Exchange Plaza Parking)