post vipasanna; slabs; lets go mexico

After the Retreat in North Fork California. Pic by Stacey.

I dont have alot of time here. the computer is running out of batteries and the connection may go down at any minute. I am at the slabs and everything is great. I will have to do a better job of this at a later date, but for now, I wanted to say that the retreat was great for me. It was more beneficial than the 10 day retreat last year. It fully amped up my meditation practise. The slabs are cool. there are natural hottubs and a natural shower but other than that no services. It is kinda like road warrior, after the holocaust kinda living. people here are great. i am with my rv group people. very helpful and nice. I have aline on a 300/month rental in La Paz. That would make cost sharing really low. It is a house in town. There is another one out of town that is really nice and luxury and is 2000/month but is a 3 bedroom. I am collecting people. Let me know when You can make it down. I should be there about the middle of December.

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2 thoughts on “post vipasanna; slabs; lets go mexico”

  1. Merry and Magical Xmas to Ellen!

    Thanks for the wonderfully illuminating pieces of your precious life.

    I really loved the ‘real’ pics of your family. Very lovely.

    Looking forward to hearing more about Mexico, as my son and I may come visit … in the new and yummy upcoming year.

    Your pics of Angels Institute are wonderful and their kitchen is a place to stay awake for a delectable life-line.

    Your info on Hazelmere Farms should really help so many. Delicious on you!

    Off to a Rawsome Potluck, this eve.

    Rawsomely Yours,


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