Post MkUltra Girl: Living Centres

It has been over 2 months now since I identified myself as MK Ultra girl. These things take some processing. I went through a lot of feelings and breakthroughs. Firstly, I was shaken up. Who or What was I? Panicked, I called another survivor, “What if I’m a sleeper assassin!?” She laughed right away and said, “You are too old.” Oh Phew… 

What actually is my life then? How closely have I been watched? Since, I was basically born into it, I have normalized the whole trip. Nobody has as many cheat sheets as I do on behavior modification. As much as I turned away from the whole mess of my natal family, I was only ever a breath away from drinking the koolaid. In fact, it is still very much alive & embodied by my sister. 

Can I now look at every action, every reaction, every outcome as some kind of tabled result? Is there a guy in a white lab coat on the other side of the gossamer veil taking notes on my life?

Finding a picture like that of oneself is really a gift for the survivor. Here I was just feeling bad about the childhood I remembered! Most overwhelmingly, the urge to find the truth has led me to the picture. If I didn’t start writing about my mom in Jan. 2014 on this blog, none of this would have happened. 

Introducing the Concept of the Living Centre

I want to name the first Living Centre for healing and deprogramming after my mother, Emme Jane Crunican.

Going forward, all the study I have done in my life comes right in handy, as the obvious best outcome for myself and millions of other survivors is to deprogram and heal. In conjunction with this principal, all systems for living are given a reboot at each Living Centre, which are grouped together all over the world, but individually run. 

Deprogramming Programs: 
The Hawk Mindset; 7 Pillars: Luz Aguirrebena 
The Law of Repeatlessness: Joe Marshalla

Healing Programs:
Angels Health Institute – Peggy Mcdonell and Ken Brown

Food Security Programs: 
Planting Seeds Project: Mojave Kaplan

Alternative Quantum Energy Programs:
Durk Collins

Alternative Manufacturing Programs
Hemp for Everything:  TBA

These are just a few of the people and programs I have learned from in regards to living in the new paradigm. Most of it is documented in this blog, Raw Traveling, which really has accomplished what it set out to do, almost 10 years ago!

There is so much to do, so much to sort out, so much to re orchestrate, that we might as well start now. There is no more, “not in our lifetime”. Crap, I still have 40 years or more. Do I really expect to get into the seniors housing and wait it out in front of the computer? 

I created my fantastic business, Vancouver Aerial Photography, in the last 10 years. I put all my school of hard knocks, fly by the seat of my pants technology together and busted out with a real job that most people can only dream of. It is for sale. I am getting all the uploads happening now, so it will be a solid library of aerials since 2006. 

Yes, I am moving on but not forgetting. I want to put all my energy into MK Ultra girl. It is time to get this ball rolling. I will no doubt have one more good year of shooting and selling aerials before the transition is complete and my location for 2016 is to be the Okanogan. 

In addition, Mk Ultra girl will be a documentary film about the discovery/ uncovering of a trauma based mind control survivor (me) as I go about getting the real story of my life, through recall. She will also have her own comic book. 

This is the best I can do given the state of the world today. Trust me, I am holding the feet to the fire of the ones responsible. And let me never ever forget that I am owed MILLIONS of Dollars! But this is how we shall prevail as the torch gets passed from the old world to the new. As more people wonder exactly what they are supposed to do with themselves now that the boogey man is dead. 

The main reason for Mk Ultra girl to have a life of her own, which she already does, is to break this HUGE problem of all the mind control; harrasment to the public!  My mother complained of harassment all the time. It was so sad that we had to deny her because she was so marginalized. I did check some of her claims out but that is all part of the story. 

I sometimes wonder if there is anybody left on the other end of the cosmic cords I have been debilitated by my whole life. I have taken back control many times and even formulated a powerful blow back mechanism that diminishes all unwanted interlopers to rubber duckies. 

Raw Traveling has been as much about a spiritual exploration as anything else and there are many references to demons and entities throughout my blog. I really have triumphed over many of the things that bothered me when I started. But this? well, I will take it. I have no choice. It is my life.


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