How do you Vibe? Identifying Core Resonance

This may only apply to highly intuitive people and/ or illuminati mk test kids and/ or evolved souls.

All descriptors apply to myself so I will let you know what I have deduced or more accurately, supposed.

If you are observant out from under the MK fog of your culture, otherwise known as Kultra, you may have noticed that certain memes, words, thoughts, phrases, ideas, melodies or any creative content brought forth from your own soul have been pinged upon the Kultra without credit due your way.

Now, many would call it, Hundredth Monkey Syndrome, co incidence, hubris, schizophrenia, imagination or just plain crazy.

How I know that the ping first resulted from myself is because I can identify the frequency. I can identify my own frequency. Just like when I saw MK Ultra Girl picture; A warm fuzzy feeling came over me.

More often than not when one of these things happen I immediately perk up. One could say that the nodal point in the web of life (it exists and it is NOT AI, it is the BASE for AI) was plucked. I hear the tone, feel the vibe. Usually it is instant, sometimes I shluff it off and recognize it later.

In any case there are now enuf evidences that make my assertions provable. Not merely from the scientific approach via quantum physics possibliity of multi dimensional infinite creation hyper worlds but by the observable nodal point. Me

Or perhaps, You.


QANON: Listen to MK Ultra Girl Outro by Foreign Policy, which I wrote in early 2016, before Q. I speak of the New Plan, not the old programme. Let’s be clear, in case anyone wants to accuse me of doing what I am doing, as soon as I saw that picture I engaged my mission which is to lead the revolution of souls (although I always knew, I had no context). I speak authoritatively like a boss.

Not only that but in 2007 I actually wrote a blog post called Plan Q. I remember musing over which letter to pick. My circumstances had spun like the wheel of fortune and I picked the letter that I felt best represented that sentiment. It was about dealing with the fall out when the Raw Spirit Festival went super nova over the founder’s wack behaviour.

Now it is obvious, she was illuminati MK kid recovering from trauma and running programmes, like almost everyone I have ever met my entire life. But she was special for sure. I darked the post because she stopped her crazy train and I didn’t want to completely destroy her.

She is just another hurtin’ hybrid. FYI, almost all health activists I have engaged with are clearly mk illuminati kids, but they don’t want to hear that.

PM me if you want to read it.

You’re FIRED!:

Oh yes. That was me. In 2000, I operated a cleaning business in Whistler, BC.

I had a small staff of 3 or 4 girls from Pemberton that I would round up when needed.

I was a bit giddy over my new position and would poke fun at it by yelling at my staff a few times a day, “You’re Fired!”

I just got off on it for a kick. It was pure sarcasm. AND then comes.. well, you know. Donald Trump.


Ellen Degenerous;

One day while I was reading the local rag in Pemberton BC, their entertainment section had a snippet about her.

She was in between shows. The snippet read that the networks were launching a new sitcom for her as a city girl moving to a small town and the resultant chaos & mayhemthat  ensues.

Ping, that nodal point went off like a harpsichord.

That was exactly what I was doing. I couldn’t talk about it then, but I can now.

I never forgot. BTWs, the show never happened.


Stranger Things:

Obviously. El is Ellen.

Michael is her best friend, who was my brother, Michael Atkin.

Jane is her real name, which was my mother’s name: Jane Atkin.

They even wrote into the script in season 2 how El’s purpose was to get justice for her mother.

Are you starting to see the picture here?



Other Ways to Steal Hamonics

Along the way since Discovery (finding the picture in Oct. 2015) I have sifted through a bunch of people who were both helpful and sometimes not. I can’t really blame people for being this way, becauseit is human nature, but I do sense when people copy my vibe and rewrite their own missive overtop, as though they began the chain.

This happened with my first partner in Ultra Nation. It also happened when I wrote a heartfelt piece on a private social site that I had joined and paid for. The next day, the owner of the site sent a direct message to everyone with the exact same vibe asking for money. I was PISSED.

Maybe, I am not the originator. Maybe my expressions came from elsewhere too. Maybe this is one big daisy chain and IF the quantum field is indeed a web of endless conscious nodal points all harmonically pinging each other then what are you doing about it?

I know what I am doing about it. There is no nor was there ever a normal life for me. I am doing THIS.  Before discovery, I merely resisted in ignorance.

My intention to create vortices will alter the timeline. I know I can do it. I put roadblocks up on the road to hell.

Somehow in the Mk dystopia that became the nazi mkultra programme, they learned how to steal and manipulate frequency. If they could blast all of our souls to infinity they would. In fact they did. But it didn’t work. I am still here. I am putting the pieces back to gether. So are others.

The tru creator will not stand for this, no matter how infinitely possible it is that the road to hell can never end. But they need something to keep the game on, to keep opening false futures, to keep guiding society to the Luciferian lie that we flesh sacks will transform into Gods.

That something is our unconsciously acquiesced frequency.

Ellen Atkin

Ultra GRRL

MK Ultra Girl

Badassador and Bombassador for Ultra Nation

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7 thoughts on “How do you Vibe? Identifying Core Resonance”

  1. Living in Boston back in 1970 I was approached by a man who said he would send me a quantity of lsd. He sent it to my friends address. No way to pay him for this 100 hit package. I was never approached by anyone to pay for this and he was never seen again in the Canbridge commons where we hung out. We had a large apartment with bedrooms and always had a mix of street people in and out. One of the regulars who went by the name noogle stuck by me and seemed actually defensive of any verbal attacks against me. I was shy and being from south louisiana was not accustomed to the high energy street people who seemed kind of shady and to some extent dangerous. Noogle had a regular job at the post office. I always questioned what had brought him to our crash pad. Years latter back in Louisiana a friend called and asked me to a church service which was in a book store that catered to meta physical interest and past life regression. midway through the services we had a break and while i was looking at some of the books an attractive woman hit up a conversation with me and we made quick plans to travel to the Mississippi coast to look at sailboats. She seemed allof but while dancing in a club in New Orleans she made it clear that she wanted sex. Okay great but was she in search of more than sexual gratification? She also worked for the post office and was in nursing school. Her mother was the post master for a small town post office 40 miles away from my home. When we got back from the trip to mississippi we slept. She slept in my bed while I slept in the living room. Later after she went home I noticed some paper work in my office which is very close to my bed that a manual on gun conversion was at the top of pile of papers. Not something I ever pursued because that conversion could get you ten years in jail. I just thought it odd that she picked that out.Years latter when I was moving stuff out of the office to put new flooring down an old style birth certificate fell out of some papers. It was my birth certificate with a chattel mortgage across the back. That discovery led me into my obsession with the fact that our birth records are collateral for loans to finance the public debt. A large movement has come about in the country who believe this is why we have no right in the court system. I was never able to see the young Maggie Marceau again after that afternoon nap. She was like gone. I liked her but never communicated with her again. She avoided me like the plague.
    I am curious if these were attempts at some control over me and if i was being studied hasn’t that program been shut down a long time ago. I have not really recognized any further attempts at tracking me.

    1. It is good to start examining these strange events that we put aside before since there was no context. Now there is context. Sharing this is most important in my opinion. We can each connect the dots to what was once covered or a mystery in our lives. All roads lead to MKultra IMO. But it is synonymous with the Luciferian Death cult. They control it even if the deep state taking orders thinks otherwise. IMO.
      My life has been nothing but a series of these bizarre happenings. I remember in ’81 when I was 19 and had moved to Vancouver, BC for the summer to get work, I stayed in a house with 2 older single guys. One was from the sixties. He told me of being involved with LSD experiments in Vancouver that were run by a control group, probably the military or the government, I can’t remember if there was a front organization to it, but I remember the military was somehow involved. Anyway. He said, this group would meet once a weekish and do this drug together. He spoke of one person in particular who had more power or awareness. ESP was involved. They were testing it. But the thing, I remember the most that he was most impressed with, was that this more adept fellow grew into a giant. He was in another room and when the door was opened he was much bigger person. I swear, I have a million of these stories. I can’t get away from it. Thanks for sharing. Ultra GRRRL

      1. Hi there much respect and love for all survivors of Mku look up a survivor named (Penny Sheppard) she has a (FB page) and has a group on FB for mku survivors . She says (Stranger things)( and (“11”) is (HER) She says that It is Her life bas that kid as she was also born into (mku programmes and used and erased for nearly 58 years. (her family of origin) she says are (mengelle) and (Speers) she says her family are all NSA she says that is (her life ) (11) In that stranger things series.

        1. Fack Penny Sheppard. I am so tired of these mengele family and friends trying to derail me. So what? She’s right. She is mengele’s family. And she is a perp on me! I have spoken directly to 6 people who remember mengele personally in real life. One is my real life friend who was perped beyond anyone on line I know right now. One is Penny Sheppard except, I don’t think she ever met the dude; 2 are a helpful ultras in the programme; one was a young kiddy porn bait cia cult illuminati mkultra freemanson, military, neighbor of his 2nd child Sue Ellen Singer from Oklahoma. She was the daughter of Mengele’s second wife Martha who was the former wife of his dead brother Rolf. Rolf looked like a good dude and probably stood up against his family and died for it. sacrifice. I don’t effing care about this pathetic attempt of the friends and family of Joseph Mengele to attack me. I mean really. They aren’t and he wasn’t that smart (Fiona is right about that). He was just a dirty rotton POS.

  2. Excellent article, Ellen.
    I really appreciate what you document and illustrate. Sharing stories like this is so important as we strive to breakthrough the hypnosis of what isn’t.
    I’ll be back and will share when I can. Thanks much.
    All the best.

  3. Yeah, I definitely believe they used the MK children to determine where they would lead culture.

    I always knew ahead of time which song would be a hit, which actor would be a star and what the next fad or fashion would be. Since there are thousands of us, they have a good pool to choose from and I’m sure we are monitored for our purchases etc. I remember way back when, I was into the 1940s..swing music and everything. A few months later swing music and lindy hop were all over culture.

    I have decided that not making a choice in this fake culture is the way out. If all of us stopped watching, they would be destroyed. But that would be too hopeful right now. At any rate, if just the MK children would stop watching and choosing the next curve in the culture road…we would get somewhere.

    In regards to the NAZI Lebensborn. The program was sooooo much more than blonde children. These insane people were trying to find the DNA of what they called the root races. This included quite a number of races that aren’t blonde, one of them being Native Americans. Nazis were convinced they were one of the older root race beings. As soon as the Paperclip lottery winners got comfy in their new home…what started happening soon after? Native American adoptions, hundreds/thousands of children pulled away from their communities and families. Rather inexplicable, considering before WWII they were very much ignored and marginalized on reservations. I have no doubts they were DNA harvesting and the push to separate the tribes was them covering up their trail.

    A lot of MK children have Native American descent.

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