Phone call from Harper

I was at home with my mother living in a converted school bus. She was sweeping the floor and I was talking to Stephen Harper on the phone, in real time, within hours of the election. We talked for some time. It was all very chummy chummy. He was speaking very candidly, openly and with humility. Speaking of his anxieties during the election and relief at the outcome. I was encouraging him, like I would do any person that I supported. It was all very conciliatory. I was congratulating him. I even had to end the conversation by saying something like, “well, I’m sure you are very busy”…

Afterwards, I said to my mother, “a liberal would never do that”. Inferring that the liberals would all be celebrating their victory not thanking their supporters. She kinda nodded and kept on sweeping.
I don’t really know what to make of this dream. Or the many others I have had that include politicians. I didn’t vote conservative and think I may have only done so once in my life when I was very young. My last post is all about not letting him have a majority government.
But I have to admit that I don’t mind the guy. I don’t mind the way he runs things. Although it seems that my friends and social circle is nothing but artsy left wing gay people who hate Harper, I can’t buy into that. He is better than the Liberals. I can identify with Harper more than any other politician today.
Other dreams including politicians, include one on one talks with George Bush. Once again, speaking to me like I was his one and only friend, confessing and exasperated. Another one at some hall with American politicians. My father was also there and he was all excited that I was involved. He thought politicians were gods in his real life. I have been invited into the Mulroony’s home twice. Treated very well. And the best one of all. I dreamt about Chretien playing golf with tiger woods the day it happened. I woke up to hear it on the news right after I had dreamt it.
I am going to get more involved in raw food promoting. There is so much going on in terms of good products and services, I am going to focus more on that next. Stay tuned.
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