peurto vallarta

Here I am in PV (puerto vallarta). have been here about a week and a half and i amready to leave. i toyed with the idea of getting a job and even got one, but after my first appointment (selling advertising) I decided against it. there was a reason i quit my job doing the same thing. I did not come here to do that. PV is too busy, too dirty, too much city. I have experienced a good deal of it and have enjoyed myself a lot. i have met many people and gone out and had fun. But it is too expensive to stay here and this is not what i want. i would rather be on the beach. i really would like to go home and do this all over again a completely different way. i should write a book aobut what not to do travelling in mexico. I think i can really only look at it as a self exporatory, learning experience. anyway, no pictures. too much time and i have to pay for this internet connection at a cafe. it is not in the park (another drawback).

don’t know who is readingthis anyway. nobody is posting. except henry rollins and michael cheung. anyway.

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3 thoughts on “peurto vallarta”

  1. hell ya ya ya Ive been reading this thing everyday. AAAGGHGHGHGH, And you know i just read your coment that nobody posts here. Well my band black flag, just played in Vacouver and you know what, NO BODY came, so hmm must be a Vancouver thing, nobody goes out. nobody posts comments. What a bunch of NINNIES.

  2. WHY hello Ellen. Its Martha Stewart.
    Ive been watching your show now for some time.and i tell you i can relate with your travelling in Mexico as I have spent alot of time down there,,, in the county jail. Well I just wanted to thank you,,, You just gave me inspiration to come out with my new line of cookware, I call it, Raw Travelling. It Is a set of pots and pans that travelling peoples can use to cook raw food in. What a lovely idea, I think it will catch with the vegans and raw foodists down here in America.
    Allright post me when you get back into America, and ill give you my first set of my “MARTHA STEWART Raw Travelling cooking set”.
    Bye for now.

  3. why hello henry:
    i can tell you that if i were in vancouver i would of tried to see your band. maybe wouldn’t have actually got there though. surely chris walter was there? vancouver is a tough town in many ways.

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