Origin of Film with Emma Jane Crunican

My mother, Emma Jane Crunican, first appears on this 1953 publicity vid for the Oklahoma State Department of Health! She debuts at 11:00 ish.

Here is her picture, also dated 1953.

Haircut might have meant a new start. She was 21 in 1953. According to her twin sister, my aunt Joan, her mental patient treatments started in London and Windsor, BEFORE she went to Montreal. My aunt Joan would not tell me what if anything happened to my mother to send her to see psyche doctors. Indeed, my aunt Joan’s only angle is to blame my mother as though she chose it all. In my opinion, my aunt Joan knows a lot more than she is telling.
My mother’s 3 brothers are dead. She only had one sister, her fraternal, non identical twin, Joan. Quite the difference in looks.

Now that I understand these things better, Aunt Joan was one of her handlers. It is safe to say that all her brothers were too, probably the least of which was Jerry. Her mother was for sure. And her father died when she was in her teens. This caused her heartbreak and there is definitely more to that story. Apparently my mom was engaged and broke it off and this was going on while her father was dying in the hospital. This seems to be where the targeting began. She lost her father in whom she loved and felt protected by. Protected from what? She spoke of how much he loved her and how it was obvious to all her bothers and her sister that she was his favorite and they were jealous. She definitely had a bond with her father. Seemed like she turned into target central right after he died… Why?

Here are some notes on the film:

Mental Hospital

Published 1953
Topics need keyword
A University of Oklahoma
Production. Produced for the Oklahoma State Department of Health in
cooperation with the State of Oklahoma Department of Mental Health.
Distributed by International Film Bureau.
Director: Layton Mabrey.
Scriptwriter: Dwight V. Swain.
Coordinator: Jim Bragg.
Photographer: Wayne Rock.
G.F. Mathews, M.D., Commissioner, State Department of Health.
Charles F. Obermann, M.D., Director, Department of
Mental Health.
Psychiatric Consultants: Charles A. Smith, M.D., A.A.
Hellams, M.D.
“Recognizable personages appearing in this film are not
patients in a mental institution.” (According to Dwight Swain, patients
were played by producers, crew and friends, since actual patients
weren’t legally competent to sign talent releases.) Filmed in and around
Central State Hospital, Norman, Oklahoma. Jack Stevenson’s article on
Swain and Hockman appears in Brutarian (Vol. 1, No. 1).

Documents the case of a mental patient who is treated for schizophrenia
(paranoid type) at the Oklahoma State Hospital. Summarizes the treatment
of a patient from admission to the hospital to the time of discharge.
the methods used in the treatment of mental diseases and stresses the
value of occupational therapy in rehabilitating patients and the need
for an atmosphere of calm and security.

TITLE CARD: Recognizable personages appearing in this film are not patients in a mental institution.

driven down a gray, snowy road. HE IS VERY PARANOID. He leans his head
against the rear window. There’s a close up of his eyes, then hands,
then mouth. Men in dark, tweed jackets lead him into the hospital.

MEDICAL ABUSE: Nurses examine Joe. He has blood taken from his arms, a chest x-ray, and a spinal tap.

PARANOIA: Joe talks to an Oklahoman psychiatrist (with a southern accent).
He says, “They’re turning my wife, you know, Peg, against me. They’re
taking up all of her time.” Joe rings his hands. The psychiatrist
replies, “Why do you think they’re doing you this way?” Joe answers,
“Well, I’ve been working on this for years. They don’t know it but I’m
on to them.”

PSYCHOLOGICAL TESTING: The narrator describes various treatments for
psychological disorders, and we view these methods in action (which
look somewhat barbarous to today’s viewers). First there’s insulin shot
therapy in which a patient receives a shot (camera pans down to
twitching feet), then electric shock, hydrotherapy, and cold pack

Run time 0:19:58
Producer University of Oklahoma
Production Company University of Oklahoma
Audio/Visual sound, B&W

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