Operation Door #4 – Rise of the Dragon Scam

No matter what any of the increasingly relevant leak sites say, (soldiers you need to buck up- your allegiances are proving fatal to your bloodlines), they still have not got the game plan. Here it is, so you can’t say I didn’t tell you so.

It is totally by design – the US election set up. Why do people not look behind the curtain when it has been revealed so many times? Most are afraid to face the demons, inside and out. Including SUPER SOLDIERS! I laugh at them and the rest. You are nothing to the true soldiers of God. You will be consumed in this mess like the rest if you don’t heed these warnings.

God has been sending warning after warning and few media players take heed. However, it is assuring to know that the majority of planet earth people who actually do run things are in full possession of their faculties and will not be swayed or wavered by any means. The outer circus is attempting to usher in the rise of the dragon with this pathetic election, end of the western world, currency reval/collapse, mkultra, cabal, alien, disclosure, UN, NATO, NWO, collateral accounts, new age love and lighters, elitist alt communities, gold standard, Indonesian, nesara, SWISS INDO, M1, SINO, fakers, liars, cheats, scammers, criminal, mafia SCAM!


Advise to those who get it.


This is it. If we are ever to recognize the prophesies of the bible, now is the time. Who ever wins this election will only rule for an hour. The fit will hit the shan immediately.  God will show who is powerful.

7 thoughts on “Operation Door #4 – Rise of the Dragon Scam”

  1. black popes are shuffling up more than ever before. whilst the bagdaddy, clovenback still lives in Lebanon and runs the middle east terror show and we can assume the imploding shit show over who gets holding the shit bomb. Peter Hans Kolvenbach Peterhanskolvenbach.jpg September 13, 1983 January 14, 2008 Druten, Netherlands 8,889
    30 Adolfo Nicolás January 19, 2008 October 3, 2016 Villamuriel de Cerrato, Spain 3,169
    31 Arturo Sosa October 14, 2016 Incumbent Caracas, Venezuela 25

  2. Well, what you wrote about in the past seems to be happening now.

    Back in 2016 I was partially deprogrammed and felt stuck in a loop with no programmed directions. It was scary and I found my way out. It took me down roads I never thought I would consider.

    So now I”m here and I have to say I now understand your pocket universe.

    The only thing God requires is for anyone to recognize the truth in himself/herself and in the surrounding world ALSO to HOLD it close like a shield. I keep telling everyone that this pandemic set up is a hoax and is hiding something else. NO ONE will believe me. People I have spoken to for years are deep in trance mouthing off excuses fed to them by the mass media. Even people who have never trusted the mass media AT ALL!

    I had a small hope about the Q thing only to find out that it was a movement to bury the MK ULTRA adult survivors. They have everyone thinking children are being rescued when in the meantime thousands of broken adults are trying to live lives with whatever brain is left to them. This is the group that needs rescue, the ones who know where the bodies are buried. The ones who deserve to have their brains unlocked with the technology that was used to seal them. It can be reversed. But Q even has MKs entranced now. What a sham.

    I’m done. All I can do is hold on to truth and stand up for it now. Maybe our pocket universes will be next door neighbors. Stay safe!

    1. Kerry! Great to hear from you again. Thanks for recognizing all that. Yes, I have been more a prophet up until now. I have a built in know whats coming radar. even down to the burn ban in my area. I just finished a month of major yard work that involved 4 days of burn piles. Phew, just in time. Good term, pocket universe. Correct. Even before mkultra girl discovery, i was seeing things in a macro comparative study. In this 11 year old post, I mention pandemic as one of the outcomes. https://mkultragirl.org/inevitable-doom-and-creating-your-own-reality/
      It is most disheartening, again, still that the herd is reacting as it is. I do take a bit of false hope in my pocket social who seem to have a bit more of the kick ass in them than the herd, but at this point, is it enuf? Yet, despite all that and being overtly attacked by people in my own circles, I am gaining support more than ever right now. I feel deflated, yes. And the old inspiration to help humanity has been so beaten down by haters that I feel less certain. But the fact that some people are now seeing what I have been on about making sense, is the only thing guiding me on. I can do the survivor summit and the documentary film, destroyed lives and maybe even get to Montreal in Sept. for the rally. So, we shall see. In many ways the door is open for me now more than ever. So, I must walk through. thanks again. Big virtual hug.

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